Dave says Stellar Blade will not feature microtransactions

Dave says Stellar Blade will not feature microtransactions

Star blade, the stylish character action game with the driest protagonist in recent memory, will launch as a PlayStation 5 exclusive on April 26. Ahead of its imminent release, developer Shift Up has spilled some tea on what to expect from post-game updates, which will include more costumes for Eve and a New Game Plus mode for more replayability. The team also said that those annoying microtransactions you see everywhere else won't appear here. Oof.

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In a recent interview with the South Korean gaming community rollweb (via Payment yard), studio CEO Kim Hyeong-tae explained that microtransactions are not part of the game's design. What you see when you purchase Star blade on PlayStation Store for $70 It is what you get. (there $80 Deluxe Digital Edition Which comes with some extra goodies.) This doesn't mean that other DLC won't happen in the future, like a potential paid expansion that Hyeong-tae hasn't ruled out yet. However, except for potential partnerships with other IPs, there are no additional purchases here.

“The DLC release has not been determined, but free updates such as additional costumes are being prepared,” Hyeong-tae said (as translated by Google). “We would like to make that clear here Star blade It does not require any additional expenses that players are not aware of other than the cost of purchasing the package. He cited the possible exception of protagonist Eve costumes being collaborations with other IPs, noting that if that happened, they might be sold for a fee.

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This is great news, especially since many games these days tend to include some form of microtransactions. Dragon's Doctrine 2which has some semblance of player-to-player communication but is largely a single-player experience, has it. Street Fighter 6 And Tekken 8, two very friendly and excellent fighting games, get them. Hell, even Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a pure single player game through microtransactions. It seems to be popping up everywhere, though Shift Up isn't the only developer to publicly announce it's ditching it either. Cyberpunk 2077 The developer is CD Projekt Red as well He said recently They “see no place for microtransactions in single-player games.”

Kotaku I've reached out to Shift Up for comment.

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Of course, all of this could change once the game is released, but if what Kim Hyeong-tae says is true, we can rest easy knowing that Star blade It will not feature additional purchases. I'll be honest, though, if there is More disgusting fits for Eve Worth the sticker price and falling outside of the promised freebies, I might have to hand over my wallet. sorry for that.

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