December 9, 2022

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Death threat to his parents

The “mentally unstable and armed” man, who was actively sought by Lewis police, was arrested after a bend during a police search near Saint-Hyacinthe.

Vincent Diegel, 31, who lives in Lewis, reportedly made a death threat to his parents Tuesday evening. In this context, around 9:20 pm, officers went to the RDL Harmony in Charney, where they believed the suspect had detained himself.

A security perimeter has been set up in the surrounding area to protect local citizens during the intervention. Peacekeepers, however, quickly discovered that the person was not at home.

Photo by QMI Agency, Marcel Tremble

“We received information that the suspect had left the Lewis department. He may be in the Portneuf field, ”said Franுவாois Cognon, spokeswoman for the Lewis Police Service (SPVL) this morning.

Authorities have asked the public to be careful not to approach him because he is ‘mentally ill’. [et] May be carrying a weapon. The weapons that were usually in his house were also not available.

Propensity and accident

So SPVL, at 12:30 pm, asked for the help of the public to find the person in question who was traveling in the green 2004 Land Rover Ranger.

Photo by QMI Agency, Marcel Tremble

He finally traveled about 30 minutes later, east of Highway 20, near Saint-Hellen-de-Bagot, about 150 kilometers away.

The chase began when he saw the suspect police coming in his direction.

“He returned to the freeway and headed west again before making his high-speed escape. The peaks were reached at 150km / h,” said Séreté du Québec (SQ), a spokesman for Stéphane Tremblay.

Officers lost track of him as he exited 150, and was relocated to Route 224 a few minutes later.

Mr. for flight, dangerous driving and pursuit. Tagil and the second person who came with him were arrested by SQ. But other allegations may be added in connection with the investigation carried out by the SPVL.

This insane pursuit is reminiscent of what happened at the beginning of the month, starting in Beaumont, Saudier-Appalach, and ending in Brampton, Ontario.

Lovepreet Singh, a 27-year-old man, was in suspense with police for 850km on April 6 at 9am. Fortunately, no one was injured in the escape.