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“I had no real expectations, but we found the response on social networks to be very strong, so I expected it to be crowded.”

Since the $ 2 million investment to create the festive space is more than double what was initially imagined, Captain Cognone hopes to be there to turn customers into profitable. Although the site can typically accommodate up to 700 people, its capacity is currently limited to 500 due to COVID-19 regulations.

Mr. Restrictions that do not detract from Cognon’s happiness. The only problem that could destroy the party was finally resolved quickly.

Ever since people started moving to that place, they felt thirsty under the burning sun. “We have to run a bar, but unfortunately we are still waiting for a liquor license,” he worried.

After 2:30 pm the phone rang and the sale of liquor began. To the delight of the people to quench their thirst and captain!

According to Danny Cognon, some elements are missing to claim success, meaning some furniture has yet to hit the international market, but there is still something to smile about in the La 737 that has been etched in the mind of its creator for eight years. , Life has come.

“There were a lot of stars to align before it worked,” he says, “satisfied with taking advantage of the post-crisis opportunity.” An “encouraging” environment for his troops, he explains.

“Like everyone else, we ‘ve been locked up for a year and a half, with almost no action. It seems, it’s one thing, it’s quite the opposite of what we’ve experienced. ”

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The summer event site Lay 737 is scheduled to open from May 1 to October 31. The museum is open year-round to accommodate school groups.

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