Diablo 4 Season 1 unleashes new content and battle action – Tech

Diablo 4 Season 1 unleashes new content and battle action – Tech

Diablo 4 has officially launched worldwide, letting players dive into Sanctuary, build their character, and take on the formidable Lilith. While the game itself offers plenty of content, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first season, which promises to bring a host of additional features.

Although details about Diablo 4 Season 1 remain limited, Blizzard has revealed some background information about the upcoming Battle Pass and its expected release window. Season 1 is set to start in mid-July, roughly six weeks after the game’s initial launch on June 6th. More release specific details are expected to be announced soon.

Season 1 will introduce exciting new content, including new missions with new and familiar characters, changes to the class and gameplay item balance, new Legendary items, and additional gameplay features. However, players must first complete the game’s campaign with at least one character to gain access to the first season. Blizzard advises players to finish the campaign early for a smooth transition.

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The Season 1 Battle Pass will be available, offering 27 free levels of content and an additional 63 paid levels for those who choose to purchase it. Progress through the Battle Pass includes playing the game, killing demons, completing dungeons, and engaging in end-game activities. The Seasonal Journey can also speed up Battle Pass progression. However, it is important to note that Season 1 content requires starting with a new character.

The Battle Pass price includes a Premium Edition for 1000 Platinum ($10) and an Accelerated Edition for 2800 Platinum ($25). Deluxe Edition owners unlock the Premium Edition, while Ultimate Edition owners receive the Accelerated Edition.

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The Battle Pass rewards players with cosmetics, such as gold, emotes, character cosmetics, titles, and more. Season Boosts and Burning Ashes are also available, providing XP bonuses and unlocking Season Blessings for additional rewards.

As more information emerges, players can expect a vibrant opening season in Diablo 4 as they continue their journey in the world of Sanctuary.

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