Dow futures: Market slips as leaders could have cracked; Tesla, New News looming

Dow futures: Market slips as leaders could have cracked;  Tesla, New News looming

Overnight Dow Jones futures were slightly lower, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. Tesla (TSLA) and Nio news is up and running before Thursday’s open. Major indexes fell on Wednesday due to economic concerns.


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development lowered its forecast for US and global economic growth on Wednesday, in the wake of a new Tuesday targeting (TGT) warning. Intel Corporation (INTC) And the Altria (MO) declined as analysts became increasingly cautious in the current environment.

sea ​​freight stock like ZIM Integrated Shipping (ZIM) And the Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK) dropped to streaks of 50 days and beyond, erasing a few weeks of gains. It is not clear if the sector is facing a long slip or just a short pause, but Wednesday’s action was ugly. Railroad, truck and other freight stocks also fell.

Travel and mining, especially steel stocks, were among the main losers amid widespread selling.

while, Eli Lilly (LLY), Synopsys (SNPS), Equinor (EQNR), West Lake (Wlk) And the gallon petroleum (CPE) They are all close buy points. LLY stocks are among the many big drug companies that hold up well. Synopsys is a rare growth stock that shows some strength. Norwegian state-owned oil and gas company Equinor and operator Callon shale are playing in the energy field. WLK stock is among many solid chemical names.

Eli Lilly’s stock is up IBD Leaderboard. SNPS stock is running Long-term leaders of IBD. ZIM, Westlake, Synopsys and CPE stocks are available on file defect 50. It was Westlake on Wednesday IBD stock today.

Dow jones futures contracts today

Dow futures are down 0.1% against stocks. fair value. S&P 500 futures dropped 0.1% and Nasdaq 100 futures lost 0.15%.

The European Central Bank is likely to end asset purchases at Thursday’s policy meeting, with an announcement ahead of the opening bell. This would pave the way for a rate hike in July.

The Labor Department will release weekly jobless claims data at 8:30 AM ET, followed by the Consumer Price Index on Friday morning. It comes ahead of the Fed’s policy meeting next week, with another rate hike by half a point.

Remember to work overnight in Dow Jones futures contracts and elsewhere that does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the following system Stock market session.

Tesla news

Investors will get Tesla China sales figures for May as part of industry data from the China Passenger Vehicle Association. Tesla Shanghai’s production improved in May after the plant was closed for most of April, but it’s still well below normal. Tesla’s production may reach full capacity sometime in June.

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It came as a giant China EV BYD (BYDDFShe said she would supply batteries to Tesla. BYD, which surpassed Tesla in auto sales for the first time this quarter, rose 1.8% to 38.80. On track for a fifth consecutive weekly gain, BYD stock is still far from record highs.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Twitter (TWTR) The takeover saga has affected TSLA’s stock, amid fears that Musk will be forced to sell more shares. On Wednesday, it was reported that Twitter’s board of directors would give Musk access to all of his internal data. Musk, after signing a $44 billion deal on Twitter and waiving due diligence, has threatened to try to walk away unless he gets more data about fake users. TWTR stock rose 0.8% to 40.44, hitting its highest intraday level since May 13. But Twitter is still well below Musk’s acquisition price of $54.20.

Tesla stock rose 1.25% to 725.60 on Wednesday but is far from morning highs after hitting resistance at the 21-day line. TSLA stock is well below the 50-day and 200-day streaks.

Tesla vs. BYD: Meet the new king of EV

New أرباح Profits

Most Chinese electric car makers have already reported May production and data delivery, including BYD and New (NIO). Nio will release first-quarter earnings before Thursday’s opening, although the focus will likely be on guidance for the second quarter and beyond. Nio stock rose 3.7% to 20.38 on Wednesday, continuing to rise from its long-slipping 50-day streak.

AMD Analyst Day

Advanced Micro Devices (AMDThursday is Analyst Day. On Wednesday, AMD stock fell 3.2% to 101.90, heading towards its descending 50-day line. Several analysts lowered earnings estimates for arch-rival Intel on Wednesday, following cautious comments from management. INTC stock fell 5.3 percent to its lowest closing level since late 2017.

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stock market rise

The stock market rally was mixed most of the morning, but the major indexes closed with solid losses.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.8% on Wednesday stock market trading. The S&P 500 fell 1.1%. The Nasdaq Composite lost 0.7%. Small cap Russell 2000 fell 1.55%.

US crude oil prices rose 2.5 percent to $ 122.11 a barrel, the highest level in three months. Gasoline futures are just below record levels. Natural gas is down 6.4%, still near a 14-year high. The drop on Wednesday came due to a fire at a Texas LNG export terminal. LNG-related stocks fell on Wednesday.

The 10-year Treasury yield rose 6 basis points to 3.03%.

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between the Best ETFsThe Innovator IBD 50 ETF (fifty) lost 2.3%, while the Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF (fit) decreased by 1.7%. iShares Expanded Technology and Software Fund (ETF)IGV) decreased by 0.7%. VanEck Vectors Semiconductor Corporation (SMH) decreased by 2.1%. AMD and Intel stocks are notable SMH components.

SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME) defaulted by 3.8% and the US Global Infrastructure Development Fund X (ETF) )cradle) waiver of 2.5%. US Global Gates Foundation (ETF)Planes) down 2.6%. SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB) down by 2%. SPDR Specific Energy Fund (SPDR ETF)XLE) up 0.2% and the Financial Select SPDR ETF )XLF) decreased by 1.8%. SPDR Healthcare Sector Selection Fund (XLV) decreased 0.8%

Shares reflect more speculative stories, the ARK Innovation ETF (see you) rose 2.7% and the ARK Genomics ETF (ARKG) 2.4%. Tesla stock remains the number one. 1 contract for Ark Invest. Ark, which has sold a significant amount of TSLA stock over several months, has been buying a lot of stock since late May, including on Tuesday. The Cathy Wood fund also owns some shares of BYD and Nio.

Top 5 Chinese stocks to watch right now

Stocks near the points of purchase

Eli Lilly’s stock rose 0.4% to 313.47 Wednesday, hitting resistance around its old buy point at 314.10. LLY stock rebounded this week from its 21-day and 10-week streaks, after pulling back last week amid an uproar over price control. The Relative force line Lilly’s stock is just below record highs. The RS line, the blue line in the provided charts, tracks the stock’s performance against the stock’s performance. S&P 500 Index.

SNPS stock fell 2% to 322.89. Investors can treat the current consolidation as double bottom base With 342.69 buy points. It is possible that Synopsys stock will start working on a handle, which would lower the official entry. While SNPS stock is off highs, RS line is at record highs.

EQNR stock is down 0.3% to 37.75, working a 38.80 cup entry with a handle, according to MarketSmith Analysis. Equinor’s RS line is at an all-time high.

WLK stock fell 1.5% to 131.92, consolidating near the 10-week streak. Westlake Chemical stock is on track to acquire flat base With 141.29 buying pips at the end of the week. Investors may make an early entry above the short-term highs at 136-137. The RS line is at altitudes.

CPE stock rose 0.1% to 62.50. On the day, Callon stock hit 63.96, making a buy point of 63.44 cups with a handle. On Wednesday, major indexes fell, weighing on the shale oil producer. But CPE stock has a recent history of big intraday gains that fade or turn into losses at the close. CPE stock RS line is at high levels.

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Market Rise Analysis

The stock market rally fell sharply on Wednesday. Nasdaq volume increased against stocks. Previous meeting, on the occasion of the new distribution day.

In general, the major indicators continue to show sideways movement, finding support at the 21-day moving averages. However, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones hit resistance at the 10-week lines, while the Russell 2000 fell back below the 50-day 10-week lines.

Additional side actions may be constructive to the rise of the market, allowing for the formation of more bases and handles. But with the single 21-day line trending higher, and the 50-day and 10-week lines steadily lowering, the major indicators could come under pressure to break higher or lower.

Energy stocks remain a standout, although individual names can certainly have some big daily or weekly swings. Meanwhile, other sectors are struggling to show leadership for any length of time. The relative shortage of stocks that can be bought – and the high failure rate among new buying opportunities – has been a worrisome aspect of the current market rally.

ZIM and Star Bulk gave up a few weeks of gains on Wednesday, while Timken Steel (TMS) And the amvastar pharmaceuticals (AMPH) fell back below buying points after Tuesday’s impressive breakouts.

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What are you doing now

If you’ve built a mediocre view over the past two weeks, there’s no good reason to add jobs at the moment. The market rally is limited in scope, with the May CPI report due on Friday and the Federal Reserve meeting next week. Investors should quickly cut losses and consider taking at least partial profits relatively early.

A market rally could deteriorate, pushing investors to the sidelines. Or it could improve quickly, resulting in a flurry of buying opportunities. Investors must be alert to market changes and be prepared to act.

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