Dow futures slump on sudden jump in jobless claims; GME stock crashes 22%

Dow futures slump on sudden jump in jobless claims;  GME stock crashes 22%

Dow futures fell early Thursday after a surprise jump in weekly jobless claims for the Labor Department. It came in the form of Jim Stop (GME) fell after the company fired its CEO and elevated Ryan Cohen to the CEO position.


The latest round of Initial Jobless Claims before the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy meeting next week showed that claims jumped to 261,000 vs. 232,000 from the previous week. Their number was expected to rise to 235,000, according to Econoday. Claims are at their highest level since October 2021.

Meanwhile, GME stock fell 22% Thursday morning. late wed GameStop CEO Matt Furlong terminated the company He said the loss per share narrowed to 14 cents, while sales fell to $1.34 billion.

Other major earnings reports included smart paper (Samar) And toro (TTC).

Enterprise software company Smart Sheet beat Wall Street targets for the fiscal first quarter, but was disappointed with its sales forecast. SMAR stock is down 18% in pre-market trading. Finally, Toro shares fell 9% following the earnings results.

stock market today

Electric car giant Tesla, which has already been up for nine days in a row, fell 0.3% Thursday morning. Dow Jones Tech Giants apple (AAPL) And Microsoft (MSFT) was trading slightly lower before the stock market opened today.

dexcom (DXCM), fortinet (FTNT), Kinsale Capital (KNSL) And Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) – as well as Dow Jones shares Cisco systems (CSCO), McDonald’s (mcd) And sales force (CRM) – among the best stocks to buy or watch in an uptrend of the stock market.

Tesla is the IBD Leaderboard stock, while McDonald’s in this week’s column featured the stock near the buy zone.

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Dow jones today: oil prices and treasury yields

Before the opening bell on Thursday, Dow futures were down 0.2% against stocks. fair value. S&P 500 futures were down, and the Nasdaq 100 was up 0.2%.

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Among the US ETFs, the Nasdaq 100 tracker Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ(up 0.2%, while the SPDR S&P 500 ETF traded)spy) rose early Thursday.

The 10-year US Treasury yield fell Thursday to 3.77%. On Wednesday, the 10-year yield extended its winning streak into four sessions, closing close to its highs in late May.

US oil prices extended their gains on Wednesday into Thursday morning. West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose nearly 1% on Thursday, moving above $73 a barrel.

Stock market action

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.3%, while the S&P 500 fell 0.4%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite sold 1.3%.

The Big Picture column commented on Wednesday, “Amidst a confirmed stock market uptrend, you would have liked to see the indices rise in greater volume versus the previous session and lower turnover. Case of Wednesday? It turns out to be a serious profit-taking session with mutual funds and hedge funds.” Banks, pension plans, etc. Nasdaq volume jumped 10% while NYSE saw turnover up nearly 14% vs. Tuesday.”

Now is an important time to read IBD’s The Big Picture column after the recent upward change in market expectations.

Top five Dow stocks to buy and watch right now

Dow Jones Stocks to Buy and Watch: Cisco, McDonald’s and Salesforce

Networking giant Cisco Systems on Dow Jones builds a teacup base with 52.56 buy points. Keep an eye out for a potential handle, which will be a few trading days away from forming. That would show a previous entry. CSCO stock fell Thursday before selling off.

McDonald’s, the Dow Jones restaurant giant, has fallen below its 10-week moving average, which is a bearish sign. The stock is trying to hold above 281.67 points of purchase from the breach two months ago. The gains are dwindling quickly.

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While the stock is approaching a buy point, its actions suggest avoiding buying for the time being. Look for more bullish bounces before considering buying the stock. MCD stock was trading up 0.2% early Thursday.

Previous Salesforce has climbed in alternate entries at 193.91 and 200.00 in recent weeks, according to Leaderboard analysis. Last week, the shares reached a 20% gain zone of 178.94 cups by the handle, but are now falling. The stock is preparing for a major test of the 50-day line. CRM stocks fell Thursday morning.

4 top growth stocks to watch in Stock market rise

Best stocks to buy and watch: Dexcom, Fortinet, Kinsale, and TSMC

Dexcom continues to form a flat base with 126.44 buy points, even after Wednesday’s slide of 4.5%, according to IBD MarketSmith pattern recognition. DXCM shares rose 0.1% Thursday.

Leading insurer Kinsale Capital closed Wednesday in buy territory, down 5%, topping out at 345.75 buy points. Buy zone reaches 363.04. KNSL stock was up nearly 1% on Thursday.

Monday’s IBD stock, Fortinet, shed its 69.07-point-buy base during Wednesday’s 3.6% decline. The shares had lost 0.1% prior to Thursday.

Taiwanese semiconductor chip foundry rebounded 0.5% on Wednesday, in a buy range of 95.82 double bottom buy points. The area to buy 5% comes to 100.72. TSM shares were down 0.6% Thursday morning.

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Best stocks to buy and watch the stock market rise

These are the top four stocks to buy and watch in the stock market today, including leader Dow Jones.

Company Name Code The right point of purchase Point of purchase type
ASML (ASML) 683.18 mug with handle
sales force (CRM) 200.00 merge
Cloud Flair (network) 66.20 Double bottom
fortinet (FTNT) 69.07 Flat base
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Source: IBD data as of June 6, 2023

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Tesla stock

IBD Leaderboard Tesla rose 1.5% on Wednesday, moving out of a buy range clearing a double bottom buy point of 207.79. On Wednesday, the shares closed 29% off their 52-week high.

TSLA stock threatened to snap its extended winning streak, falling 0.6% Thursday morning. Stocks are making their fourth straight weekly advance.

Dow Jones leaders: Apple and Microsoft

Among Dow Jones stocks, Apple stock extended its losing streak to three sessions, down 0.8% on Wednesday. Shares hit an all-time high of 184.95 on Monday. The stock continues to settle sharply above 157.38 buying points, and is outside the buying range that reached 165.35. AAPL shares were down 0.2% in premarket trading Thursday.

Microsoft shares sold 3.1% on Wednesday, closing at their lowest level since May 24. Earlier this week, MSFT stock hit a 20%-25% profit zone from 276.76 flat-base buy points, so investors could have taken at least some profit there. On Thursday morning, MSFT stock was down 0.4%.

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