Elon Musk hints at SpaceX, Starlink accepts Dogecoin for Merch – Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Elon Musk Hints At SpaceX, Starlink Accepting Dogecoin For Merch

Tesla, inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Executive Director Elon Musk It has hinted that SpaceX and Starlink may soon accept payment for goods in Dogecoin (CRYPTO: dog).

What happened: Earlier on Monday, Twitter user Johnna Crider suggested that SpaceX and Starlink store accept meme-based cryptocurrency as payment.

Musk responded to Crider with a mysterious emoji, leading many in the community to believe the billionaire CEO could integrate DOGE payments into SpaceX’s merchandise store Just as he did for Tesla last month.

β€œI am in the process of switching ISPs and thought it would be great to buy Starlink with Doge. This is where the idea to ask him questions came from,” Crider said on Twitter.

β€œIt’s a great idea. Starlink could also act as a nodes in the Dogecoin network, enabling interoperability between Starlink satellites and the Dogecoin ecosystem,” hung Another influencer on Dogecoin.

A few hours ago, Musk responded with a sweat droplet emoji to an a . file McDonald’s (New York Stock Exchange:MCD) An ad on Twitter led to a DOGE’s short-lived career. The meme-based cryptocurrency gained 7.5% on Sunday after market participants saw Musk’s response as enough reason to believe that McDonald’s will accept DOGE as payment.

DOGE traded flat after Fast food company revealed The surprise is that Kanye West Feature in the Super Bowl ad.

DOGE price action: At press time, DOGE is trading at $0.1446, down 5.7% in the past 24 hours.

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