ESPN Analyst Says Purdy Is 49ers QB, Trey Lance Is ‘Wrong’

ESPN Analyst Says Purdy Is 49ers QB, Trey Lance Is ‘Wrong’

until a Brooke Purdy Stink in the NFC Championship game on Sunday between San Francisco 49ers And the Philadelphia Eagles won’t be enough to cost him a starting quarterback job next year, says the former and current NFL quarterback. ESPN analyst Ryan Clark.

On Friday’s episode of “First Take,” Clarke was straightforward on two issues. First, Purdy got the starting nod after going undefeated at least through the NFL title game (and maybe after that!). “There is no question,” Clark said. “…no matter what happens on Sunday, next year Brock Purdy is the starting quarterback, without competition.”

Clarke noted that Purdy’s performance clearly outperformed Jimmy Garoppolo. He has been more consistent, and has shown more out-of-pocket ability. Then Clark made his second bold statement: Tre Lance’s time had come and gone already in the Bay Area.

“They have to finally say, whether it’s Kyle Shanahan’s decision or John Lynch’s decision, ‘We made a mistake with Tre Lance.'” If we were going to be talented, if we were going to look for the guy with the most athletic potential, “we should have picked Justin Fields. We got it wrong,” Clark said. But, as life will be, as destiny and destiny will determine, in Mr. Irelevant, [they] He chose Brooke Purdy. Even now, he doesn’t even know how to lose in the NFL.”

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Even just a few weeks ago, such a statement would still have been considered outlandish. This is no longer the case. Lance, the No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, still only 22 years old, will have a hell of a time raping Purdy, the 262nd pick in 2022, next season. This means that Clark is right, as strange as it may sound: Lance’s future in San Francisco is definitely up in the air.

Sunday’s NFC title game starts at noon on Fox.

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