Explosion near hospital in Gaza: Israel not responsible, says Ottawa

Explosion near hospital in Gaza: Israel not responsible, says Ottawa

Two days after Justin Trudeau did not take a position on who was responsible for the Oct. 17 explosion near a hospital in Gaza, National Security Minister Bill Blair signaled Canada’s position in a press release on Saturday. “Israel did not attack the hospital.”

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“An independent analysis by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command indicates with high certainty that Israel did not attack the hospital on October 17, 2023,” he says.

“The strike may have been from an errant rocket fired from Gaza,” the minister added in his statement. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

For its part, Canada is now following the same stance as the United States, which spoke out on the day after the blast, among other things, based on video footage of the incident and its intelligence.

“Based on the information we have so far, it appears so [la frappe] Or the result of an out-of-control rocket fired by a terrorist group in Gaza,” President Joe Biden said during a visit to Israel on Wednesday.

According to a US intelligence memo consulted by AFP, the explosion may have caused deaths “perhaps in the lower range of 100 to 300”, but an official number is unknown.

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