F-Zero 99 update (v1.1.0) adds new ‘Classic Racing’ mode this week

F-Zero 99 update (v1.1.0) adds new ‘Classic Racing’ mode this week

Nintendo has announced that it will release an update for Battle Royale Racer F-Zero 99 on Switch Online. It is scheduled to arrive in November 29.

Speed ​​Demons can look forward to new modes and functions as the game progresses Version 1.1.0. The new mode is “Classic Racing” where you will be able to enjoy online battles with the same rules as F-Zero on Super Nintendo.

The same announcement goes into detail about these rules, explaining how the course will use “the same screen ratio” as the classic version of the game. The number of players is limited to 20 players, the Spin Attack and Skyway cannot be used, the power meter boost from KOs has been removed and the turbo function has been modified.

In this update, Nintendo is also adding a “Luck Card” that records the rankings and machines used in five races. If everything matches at the end of the five races, additional prizes will unlock. Last but not least, Nintendo says it will continue to make “small updates” to F-Zero 99 to improve the overall experience.


When Nintendo releases this update and the full patch notes in English, we’ll be sure to share them here on Nintendo Life. This update follows news back in October, when Nintendo announced King League and “final new tracks” for F-Zero 99.

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