Fantasy Football: 10 Biggest Reactions to NFL Week 5 | Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

Fantasy Football: 10 Biggest Reactions to NFL Week 5 |  Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

• A week of the return of the big names: Jonathan Taylor, cooper cup And Jameson Williams They made their first appearance of the season with mixed results.

• Two backup linebackers on the rise: Two linebackers have taken more playing time than their teams’ starters in the past two weeks.

• Great recovery for tight ends: Several highly-drafted tight ends put together big games this week, and two of them accomplished that despite their playing time being significantly reduced in each of the past two weeks.

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These are my top 10 reactions to the games from Sunday’s slate. For more in-depth details, check out my account Full Sunday recap.

Ezekiel Elliott splits from Raymond Stevenson

The two running backs were close even on offensive snaps and rushing attempts.

  • The Patriots’ backs generally revolved by drive, but Stephenson often played snaps on some of Elliott’s drives, especially on third downs.
  • New England wasn’t happy with Stevenson in the passing game, which typically left Elliott to play all the snaps on his drives, unlike the first few weeks of the season.
  • Stevenson started the game, but Elliott’s driving was almost as successful as Stevenson’s, splitting time between the two.
  • Stevenson has been ranked better as a receiver this season and has four first downs compared to none for Elliott. However, Elliott has a much higher goal rate (22%) than Stevenson (14%) this season.
  • If Stevenson can return to his receiving prowess from last year, his playing time will likely return. Even then, he probably won’t be a consistent fantasy player.
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Jonathan Taylor has a quiet comeback

Taylor ran the ball just six times for 18 yards and caught a 16-yard pass in his return for the Colts.

  • Taylor returned this week from the PUP list and signed a three-year contract extension.
  • Indianapolis released Jake Funk To make room for Taylor.
  • Taylor has been a full participant in practice all week, making it look like he will play an important role this week.
  • instead of, Zack Moss He started and played the majority of the match. Taylor only took one snap in the first quarter compared to Moss’ 10. He worked a little more as the match progressed.
  • Considering how well Moss played in this game, we may see a committee in Indianapolis for longer than most fantasy managers would like.

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