Federal leaders are working hard to convince voters that Election Canada 2021

After a day of seven stops in Ontario on Saturday, it was in Peterborough to finally shake hands with outgoing Minister Mariam Monsieur, who is facing a close fight, and Justin Trudeau goes the extra mile on Sunday.

The Liberal leader began his day in Montreal with a scrum and speech in which he attacked Erin O’Dowl with child care and immunization, among others.

With outgoing ministers Melanie Jolie, Mark Miller and Pablo Rodriguez on Sunday morning, Justin Trudeau avoided saying he wanted to get a majority in Monday’s vote. We don’t take anything for granted, it’s a clear choice, but we still see people making decisions, he said.

Melanie Jolie, the Liberal candidate in Ahuntsik, also answered some questions. She said the Liberals are listening A strong order To the population and to Both hands on the wheel, Referring to the expression used by the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Jean Scharest, to demand a majority from Cubans during the economic crisis of 2008.

Justin Trudeau is scheduled to conduct online and personal activities in at least six provinces during the day. At noon he campaigned for the King of Ontario – Wagon Ride.

O’Toole has no scrum

On the Conservative side, Chief Erin O’Toole is planning a slightly quieter day. He is in Ontario, where he has to visit several rides and take part in two rallies, one in Markham in the afternoon and the other in Toronto.

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However, Mr O’Toole did not plan to speak to reporters today. He arrived in Oakville in the morning and did not take any questions from reporters. However, he spoke with his supporters.

Shortly afterwards in Markham, the Tory leader spoke only English and the loud opponent tried to disrupt his speech – talk about him Project for the Recovery of Canada, He accused Justin Trudeau of bringing a referendum to his activists Fixed crises and corruption.

Erin O’Toole chatted with Ondville fans in Oakville on Sunday morning.

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

People ask me: Why do you need anti-corruption laws in our history? Because we had the most corrupt government in our history!

A quote:Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party

The Conservative leader called on voters Take care not to reward Justin Trudeau for inviting $ 600 million to the election, During his speech, which lasted a few minutes, he finally did not answer questions from reporters.

This denial of Erin ‘Odulin seemed to have created the cabbage, the head of the cabbage: This will give me 15-20 seconds more in the news, He jokes, he is a multiplier of Sunday press scams.

Black in attack mode in Estri

The leader of the Black Quebecois was actually active early Sunday morning. Yves-François Blanchet began his last day of campaigning with a meeting with Shavinigan Mayor Michael Angers. Adopted city.

He wanted to go Give your personal commitment Accordingly 2,000 jobs of the Federal Government Tax Data Center will be protected if a single tax return is accepted. He moved to Estre, where he campaigned throughout the day, especially in the cities of Sherbrook, Orford and Cowensville.

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It was no secret that Mr. Estri wanted to win new seats. Blanchett, thus, launched an offensive against the Liberals in the Brom-Mississauga and Sherbrook rides. At least he marked it during the first press scrutiny of the day.

Mr. in Estre. I can’t wait to play cat and mouse with Trudeau. I do not know who the cat is and who the rat is.

A quote:Yves-François Blanchet, President of the Volume Québécois

And the block leader is not waiting to be in Estri territory to attack his liberal opponent. Looking forward to hearing about county supply management security [la ministre sortante de l’Agriculture Marie-Claude] Bibeau. I look forward to hearing about arms sales to Saudi Arabia in the county [bloquiste] Rif Badawi’s wife was Enzaf Hather, he said.

What does he say to Justin Trudeau, who instructs Quebecans to elect MPs who could be part of the government, not just the opposition, but the thinly veiled attack on the constituency?

I understand. He prefers to send people to government who do what he says rather than people who force the government to do what they say.Mr. Blanchett finished.

Singh is proud of his campaign

Jagmeet Singh is in British Columbia. NDP leader Barnabas began his day in the south.

At a press conference this morning, he not only let his opponent Justin Trudeau accuse him of maintaining cynicism by not fulfilling his promises, but also shared the positive news he had tried to echo from the start of the campaign.

I am proud of our campaign and what we have done. We gave people hope.

A quote:Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party

He was asked what this election would have done if Canadians had risen to another Liberal minority government on Tuesday morning. good question! He shouted.

The new Democrat leader promises that his goal will not be to overthrow the government, and that he will prioritize doing minority parliamentary work.

Singh is scheduled to visit rallies in Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam on Sunday, before returning to end the day in Barnaby.

The leader of the People’s Party of Canada is in the west of the country. Maxim Bernier attends a pro-party rally in Westlock, Alberta. Not far from his native Pius, he was to spend election night in Saskatoon.

As for the leader of the Green Party, he is taking part in two events on Sunday. Annami Paul, who took part in the “Vote for Climate Change” rally, spoke to party volunteers and the media early in the morning in Toronto, where she spent most of her afternoon in the countryside. She must take part in the march against AIDS.

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