February 23, 2024

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François Legault would have hired Vincent Maricel

François Legault would have hired Vincent Maricel

Geneviève Guilbault is not alone Accepted a political enemy This week. Prime Minister François Legault described MP Vincent Maricel as a “national mudslinger” when he met him in Parliament on Wednesday morning.

The support MP describes the scene in an open letter published on Friday evening Newspaper.

As he arrives at Question Time with his colleague Sol Zanetti, Mr. Maricel welcomes.

“Hey, our national mud thrower!”, Francois Legault would have said without even looking at him.

When a supportive MP pointed out to him that the comment was out of line with his position, the Prime Minister replied: “Well, mud goes on Vincent.”

Unity MP Vincent Marisal

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Vincent Marisal replied that he was only doing his job as an opposition deputy leader and that the prime minister had decided on his own initiative to end public funding for his party.

“It's serious, what you're doing, you're hurting a lot of people,” said Mr. According to Marisal, the Prime Minister would have responded at that time.

Earlier this week, the CAQ president explained that some of his representatives have been experiencing controversy in recent days related to CAQ-sponsored cocktails. One of them was called “Cross”.Another's mother worried about him going to jail.

“No Lessons to Learn”

Asked by François Legault for a version of his exchange with Vincent Marissel, the prime minister's spokesman gave a curt response: “We have no lessons to learn from someone who entered politics based on a lie.”

While running under the banner of Québec solidaire in 2018, Vincent Marisal initially denied that he had approached the Liberal Party of Canada to run as a candidate the previous year. A few days later, he admitted to lying.

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“Average” approach

In an interview, the supportive MP describes the Prime Minister's approach as “petty”. “It's not high,” Vincent Maricel said. […] A Jacques Parizeau would never have done such a thing,” he believes.

“I said to him, 'Hi, François,' and he sent me all over,” she adds.

Vincent Marisal decided to make the incident public after witnessing a heated exchange between Transport Minister Genevieve Guilbault and PQ MP Pascal Bérubé late Thursday.

“This demonstrates the extent to which they have entered the bunker. There, they accuse us in form rather than responding in substance,” he said.

“Trying to put the blame on us for doing our job and asking questions is a diversionary technique,” said Mr. Maricel concludes.

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