Gaétan Barrette will not run in the 2022 election

Mr. Barrett, who wanted to reveal his intentions before the holiday season, agreed with his employer to proceed with announcing his decision on November 26 to avoid disrupting the Congress of members of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

We have a Member Congress coming up and I wish it should not be the subject of that Congress debate, He admitted Often in a warm seat.

At some point you have to turn the page and there is a time to do it, He added.

Mr. Barrett was recently Invited to order By Liberal leader Dominic Anglet. A member of La Piniere got into a dispute with his colleague Mary Montpetit in late October, with whom he openly clashed on Twitter.

To put an end to the Twitter war, Ms Angled had decided to remove both delegates from their responsibilities in the shadow cabinet. Caden Barrett, who was the spokesman for the official opposition and the Treasury Board, thus lost his role in government administration.

Following that, Ms. Montpett acted as a health spokesperson Excluded from the Liberal group Due to allegations of harassment and intimidation.

Sorry, but …

Mr. Barrett’s departure is not surprising: the deputy says he has announced his intention to work twice before arriving at the Blue Salon.

For me, this decision to leave after two positions, I made on April 7, 2014. There is nothing new under the sunThe Liberal MP, who first tried his luck in 2012 under the banner of Coalition Future Quebec, said.

My reform, as I have often said, is a question of two terms. I would have made it a power and an opposition.

A quote:Cayton Barrett, Liberal MP of La Pioneer

During his years in power, Gaétan Barrette spent most of his time as head of the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Comprehensive reform of the health system. As a result of this transformation the management level was removed and services were centralized CIUSSS.

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Sunday Mr. This slim treatment for the Barrett-reminiscent network is part of the environment for a return to balanced budgets.

Although he agrees Should have gone faster And to A lot of people were upset, Ex-Minister continues to sign: I think this reform is as good then as it is today.

Corrections need to be made, He continued, referring to the issue of abolished middle managers under his leadership. Yes, I have some regrets, he said. One thing I see today is that of course many middle and senior managers have been downgraded.

Caden Barrett assured that his decisions will always be guided by the interests of the Cubs – or the state, he said. I really did everything I could to keep healthy and not play politics, He argued.

“Despite the problems of the system [et] Infrastructure “affects the health system to this day,” says Mr. Barrett, “and we should not be ashamed of our network. As for the quality of care, I am willing to go anywhere on the planet to protect Quebec., He declared.

By finding itself at the helm of this reform – it has been repeatedly criticized and questioned The play of CHSLDs during infections – He inherited the role of “Sacrifice Goat”. Barrett says. I put my picture in danger, he agreed. I did it knowingly.

Mr. La Pioneer is the candidate. The PLQ has not yet decided which candidate will be invited to replace Barrett.

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