Gemini's voice commands no longer require you to press send

Gemini's voice commands no longer require you to press send

One of the most annoying aspects of using the Gemini Android app as a Google Assistant replacement on day one is having to send/send voice commands manually. Fortunately, Google has fixed this behavior.

At launch on Thursday, voice commands to Gemini required you to press send. You've finished the dial and the pulsating microphone indicator (the material is you) will continue to spin before stopping after a few seconds. That's when you realize that there is a need to click on the submit arrow.

Besides adding a few seconds to a voice interaction that should be quick, pressing a button to signal completion feels positively archaic after living with voice assistants for several years. It basically transformed the microphone input method into speech-to-text conversion.

As of Saturday, we noticed that voice commands were being sent via the overlay panel (power button, corner swipe, “Hey Google”) and the full app automatically. In addition, Gemini is much quicker to realize when you have finished speaking.

This appears to be a server-side fix and it's great that the Gemini team is prioritizing cast/voice rollback. Google also released a Small update To the Gemini app/shortcut on Friday.

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