‘General Hospital’ star Haley Paulos arrested for a DUI after crashing the wrong way

‘General Hospital’ star Haley Paulos arrested for a DUI after crashing the wrong way

Haley Paulosknown for her work at “General Hospital,” was arrested for a DUI after causing a major highway wreck…and she’s lucky she survived, based on some horrific crash scene photos.

told Haley, who plays Molly Lansing Davis on the long-running TV series Opera Digest soap Last week she was taking a break from the show to recover from a car accident – but according to the police report, Haley left out some major details.

In the document, obtained by TMZ, cops say Hailey was driving on a freeway in Pasadena on April 29… when she swerved and flew over the separating barrier, and into oncoming traffic.

She ended up colliding head-on with another car that was going about 60 mph.

When cops arrived at the scene, they said Hayley was unable to get out of her car. The firefighters helped free her and took her to an ambulance….where things got a little weird and violent.

Police say a firefighter was assessing her injuries when she hit him and she exclaimed, “That’s a $400 shirt!”

When they searched her car, the cops said they found weed and small bottles of tequila.

Hayley was taken to hospital… Cops met her there and said she showed clear signs that she was drink driving – noting the smell of alcohol on her breath, slurred speech, and watery eyes.

She was arrested for a DUI while in the hospital…and the cops noticed she became aggressive and fought the hospital staff. They eventually had to drug her.

The driver of the other car survived but was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

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What’s more… Cops say TMZ Haley was also involved in a traffic collision before her horrific highway crash.

The Pasadena Fire Department shared photos of the crash, warning people not to drink and drive.

We’ve reached out to Halle’s rep…so far, no word.

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