October 4, 2023

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Google launches a new feature that helps book cheaper flights.  Here’s how it works

Google launches a new feature that helps book cheaper flights. Here’s how it works

Google’s new feature will help you save money on your next trip.

Google Flights has introduced a new feature that will come in handy for travelers who aim to save money on flight tickets. The new feature, which was officially announced through a blog post on Monday morning, provides guidance from Google on the most budget-friendly period for booking flights.

This addition complements the existing price tracking alerts and price guarantee option already available on the platform. The tech giant promised to provide new insights into the “cheapest time to book”.

“For searches with reliable trend data, you will now see when prices are lowest to book your chosen dates and destination,” he said. Google the blog post.

How it works?

For example, new insights can tell you that the cheapest time to book similar trips is typically two months before departure, and you’re currently in that sweet spot.

Or you may know that prices usually drop closer to take-off, so you decide to wait before booking. Either way, you can make this decision with a greater sense of confidence.

The tech giant also revealed its flight booking trends for 2023, derived from historical pricing patterns observed on Google Flights.

Price Guarantee Insurance:

“On some flight results, you’ll see a colored Price Guarantee badge, which means we’re particularly confident that the price you see today won’t drop before departure. When you book one of these flights, we’ll monitor the price every day before takeoff, and if the price drops, We’ll refund you the difference via Google Pay,” the blog post notes.

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“These price guarantees are part of a pilot program available to select Book on Google cruise lines departing from the United States.”

Best time to book flights for Christmas:

According to Google, for flights starting in mid-December, you’re most likely to find deals in early October. Average prices tend to be lowest 71 days before departure, which is a big change from our 2022 insights, which found average prices were lowest just 22 days before departure. The typical low price range is now 54-78 days before takeoff.

The best time to book flights from the United States to Europe is:

Average prices were at their lowest levels 72 or more days before departure. In other words, average airfare prices from the US to Europe tend to increase over time, especially when you are about 10 weeks away from departure. So, if you want to dust off that passport, you should book your flight as soon as possible.