Goselin will only reveal his study if his competitors do

Jean-François Gosselin, on Saturday, met with further criticism of the reliability of his light rail, confirming that he would not disclose studies supporting his plan if his opponents first published “their plans”.

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“Let them submit their plans and details, and then we will submit. The burden of proof is not mine alone, ”argued the president of Quebec21.

In an interview with Radio-Canada a few days ago before the November 7 election, he argued that “there is no problem” in doing “all research and public, working documents”, but the latter refused to accept a date. .


Mr. Kozelin says his speech has not changed because he said in the same interview: “But we ask the same thing from our opponents, for example. Let them submit their final plans to us.”

During a meeting with the media at his election office on Saturday, Bruno Merchant questioned the costs and deadlines of the Quebec 21 Light Metro.

Photo by Didier Debusschere

During a meeting with the media at his election office on Saturday, Bruno Merchant questioned the costs and deadlines of the Quebec 21 Light Metro.

“He’s a cute trap-boob!” […] Finally, we will wait for Bonhomme Sept Heures, ”he said, attacking his rivals Quebec Forte et Fear and Bruno Merchant.

“He’s trying to find a way not to publish them. It’s his choice. People will judge his plan unreliable.”

Jean-Fran்கois Kozellin says that the ten improvements he intends to make on the Bruno Market Tramway, such as lowering the platform or removing cables in some places, will necessarily have an impact, and therefore he should take responsibility for this.

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“We’re not talking about changing the whole plan,” he said. Merchant replied.


Tramway to Quebec

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Marie-Josie Schwartz says the tramway is the “right plan” for Quebec.

Mary-Josie Saward, President of Quebec 21, asks for details about the new division between Saint-Roche and D’Estimaville, including logging, looting and “everything that needs to be moved”.

“We understand that there are no studies [pour le projet de M. Gosselin]2, a result mMe Savard insisted that the tram was subject to several reports filed with the BAPE and was available on the Internet.

Early referendum

The clash took place two days before the pre-poll, which has been going on exceptionally until tonight.

At 8.45pm, 7.1% of the vote was cast. That means more than 29,000 voters fulfilled their civic duty on Saturday.

The leaders appealed to the electorate. “The vote for Quebec 21 is a vote to stop the tramway that people do not want,” Jean-Franோois Kozellin stressed.

“Three big parties can access City Hall and as a group in City Hall, there are ways to do different things. It is not true that everyone has decided to take care of the environment like us, we want to do that, ”said Bruno Marchand.

It launched a “challenge” for the public to increase the level of participation over the weekend and November 7th. “The important thing is to really go and vote,” he saidMe Sword.

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