Government engineers on general strike

Government engineers on general strike

The 1,800 state engineers began an indefinite general strike at midnight on Friday, which could shut down more than a hundred major construction sites in the province and slow down the analyzes or approvals needed for dozens of municipalities or roads. Of Quebec.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Bruno Bison

Bruno Bison

Engineers, who have been condemning the stalemate in wage negotiations for three years, will protest this Friday morning near the Quebec Bridge and in front of the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) building in the city of Montreal. Morning time congestion, indicating their dissatisfaction. According to the union president, union members are demanding a bigger payoff for staying close to their colleagues in the private sector and other public sectors, which could add up to $ 20 million a year to state pay. Professionals des Quebec Government Engineers, Marc-André Martin.

The construction industry is already worried about the consequences of the strike, which could further shorten the construction season. In a press release issued on Thursday, Tytus Zurawski, chairman of Bitume Québec, estimated that the state engineers’ strike would be a “real disaster for the industry.” [pour] Users of the road network that is the backbone of our national economy.

“This threat will lead to irreparable joint damage between contractors, according to Bitcoin Quebec,” bitumen suppliers and bituminous compound makers across Quebec.

Joined by PressThe office of Quebec Transport Minister Franசois Bonardell did not call us back.

More than 1,200 or two-thirds of the 1,800 engineers in the Quebec government work in the Quebec Ministry of Transport. In the absence of striking union members, all construction sites monitored by MTQ engineers should be disrupted. Infrastructure projects that have not yet received all the approvals to be initiated will be put on hold. Annual inspections of MTQ structures (bridges, retaining walls) will also be interrupted.

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Mark-Andre Martin, on the other hand, promises that government engineers will be ready to respond to any emergency. “We are committed to essential services that cover everything related to public health or safety,” he promises. We have people for emergency work, emergency research in all areas – in the environment, in MTQ, in CNESST or in electrical engineering. ⁇

The previous strike by Quebec government engineers lasted for three weeks in 2017 and had major repercussions on construction sites such as the Turkot Interchange Reconstruction and the replacement of the old Sampline Bridge.

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