May 29, 2022

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Govit-19 in Quebec: Wearing a mask will be a personal choice, says Dr. Boylev

Once the obligation to wear a mask is removed, managing their risks will be in everyone’s hands, but public health wants to give people “signals” to find their way.

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“It’s always a risk calculation, it’s not a careful calculation, but it’s just asking how comfortable I feel,” said D.C.R. Luc Boileau, at a press conference, Thursday.

Thus, if walking outside does not “indicate any danger” without being infected with Govt-19, dancing indoors, in a bar, the scientist briefly said, “this is another adventure.”

“Clear Signals”

Therefore, “those at risk” will be invited to continue wearing the mask, as well as those in health care systems, CHSLDs, and those recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

Another example: a “good father”, dR. Boileau thinks a child with a recent illness can do without it, but this should be considered in the case of someone else with “example disease, asthma”.

As many citizens are concerned about the removal of the mask duty, as evidenced by the many messages he receives, d.R. Boileau notes that public health will help “clear signals” to find their way.

CNESST will soon release its recommendations on the workplace, which will help employers look at things more clearly.

10 days notice

In mid-April, it was finally confirmed on Wednesday that wearing a mask in public would not be mandatory. The Quebec vaccine will raise most activities, including passports, by two days until March 12.

Public health, however, allows a period of ten days from the beginning of April to send its recommendation to the government to remove the obligation to wear the mask, and it is time to see how the situation develops.

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If an increase in cases during the spring break is possible, he hopes it will be “suitable” for social interaction and should not continue beyond mid-April. “In mid-April, if there is an increase, we will be on a downward slope again, and that will be right,” the doctor said.

Will there be a new wave next fall? Dr. Boylev admits that he does not know. Of course, Quebec is not immune to another variant, which compares to an asteroid [nous] Falls on it. “However, Quebec said it was” absolutely ready “for the eventR. Within that, Poylo believes that “the most beautiful and long-lasting peace, the longest possible.”

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