Graffiti cost the city of Montreal big

Graffiti cost the city of Montreal big

As part of its major clean-up campaign this weekend, the city of Montreal has embarked on a more expensive course of action: erasing as much graffiti as possible.

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These maps, which are considered undesirable by the municipality, are rampant across the metropolis.

In Ville-Marie Borough alone, $500,000 is invested each year in graffiti removal.

“Here we take a pressure jet, so we use water. But another technique […] Paint should be used. So our entrepreneurs walk around with all the necessary equipment and color palettes,” Philippe Saborin, spokesperson for the City of Montreal’s administration, explained to TVA Novellas.

But despite these efforts, their graffiti numbers continue to rise.

“This is worrying because the security and cleanliness of a city are very important factors in choosing a tourist destination. There, we know that graffiti gives the impression of pollution, on which we need to act quickly and quickly,” says Aurelie de Blois, spokesperson for Tourisme Montreal.

Watch the video above to watch the full report.

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