Haiti says Canadian tanks hurt late against gangs

Haiti says Canadian tanks hurt late against gangs

But the Toronto-based company, which makes these mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles, says it is moving as fast as it can in the face of supply chain disruptions and mistakes by Haitian officials.

In a Haitian radio interview, Acting Justice Minister Emmelie Prophète-Milcé said in French that the company supplying the tanks. He did not keep his word.

For months, violent gangs have controlled much of Haiti’s capital, leading to shortages of basic necessities and medical care, as well as an increase in sexual assaults.

As part of Canada’s response, Ottawa says it has airlifted armored vehicles purchased by the Haitian government, which would avoid the need for international military intervention.

But Mrs. Prophète-Milcé says most of the 18 armored vehicles ordered by his country have yet to arrive, and he is certain If all the armored vehicles are delivered on time, the police will be able to execute their strategy.

The company explains

The company involved, INKAS, says it acted as quickly as possible and did not breach the contract. Statements made by someone new to their position are not necessarily accurateEugene Gerstein, managing partner of INKAS, has visited Haiti several times.

Between seven and 10 vehicles ordered have arrived in Haiti so far, Kerstein said Wednesday Coming soon And about four people Expected after a few weeks.

The former military officer also pointed out that his company donated $1 million worth of armored personnel carriers and other vehicles to Haiti.

There are two main reasons for the delay, Mr. Kerstein pointed out. First, Haitian officials are changing their minds about the changes, particularly about how to protect the tops of vehicles from fire from above.

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The other issue is that Mr. Kerstein specifically addressed supply chains for wire harnesses. There were not enough car manufacturers, which forced INKAS to design from scratch instead of waiting.

Kerstein said the Haitian National Police destroyed one of the new vehicles by switching from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, which locked the differential.

Global Affairs Canada has not yet responded to a request for comment on Haiti’s allegations.

Intervene strongly

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has continued to call on Europe and the United States to allow elites in Haiti to follow the Haitian minister’s comments.

To me, the best way to restore stability to Haiti is to first allow the elites to say they can no longer fund the gangs. [ni] Political instabilityHe said Monday during a public meeting in Montreal’s Saint-Michel district, home to a large Haitian immigrant population.

Canada has imposed sanctions on 17 members of Haiti’s political and economic elite for alleged gang ties. Ottawa specifically prohibits them from conducting financial transactions in Canada. Many of those targeted by the sanctions deny the allegations, arguing that Ottawa acted on poor information.

Last December, Mr. Trudeau insisted. Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae, said in January that France could make a difference by imposing similar sanctions.

Trudeau said Monday he was not satisfied with the countries’ response. The US began imposing more economic sanctions. They have more to do. Europe and France need to do moreHe argued.

France instead called on the United Nations process to allow bad actors in Haiti, barring travel to most countries and banning financial transactions with foreign companies. This slow UN process has only affected one person since last October.

During an interview in December, Fabrice Maurice, the French ambassador to Haiti, criticized Canada’s approach.UN. And If the sanctions were Canadian, they would failHe told Radio France Internationale.

Military intervention?

Haiti’s unelected government has called for international military intervention to root out the gangs, but the scenario deeply divides Haitians.

UN It has already established that foreign military personnel sent to Haiti sexually assaulted residents and caused cholera.

Separately, Trudeau said Wednesday that Ottawa has helped Haiti in many ways since the end of the Duvalier dictatorship in 1986, but more lasting change is needed.

We have provided military missions, we have built hospitals, we have trained the police, we have provided prison guards – we have done a huge amount of work and still problems persist.He said at a press conference in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Mr. Trudeau argued that we should adopt a A new approach Haitians are in charge there.

External intervention, as we have done in the past, has not helped Haiti create long-term stability. »

A quote Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Defense chief Canada, however, has his doubts ability military to carry out such an intervention in Haiti. There are many things to consider […] It will be difficultGeneral Wayne Eyre agreed in an interview with Reuters last week.

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