May 24, 2022

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Halloween attack in Quebec: A malicious fantasy to prove itself

Carl Giroward’s homicidal journey was considered a “narcissistic quest” that could have been abandoned even if he had known about the romance, but according to psychiatrist Sylvain Foucher it finally worked to magnify his differences. Psychiatric dizziness.

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Sylvain Foucher, a psychiatrist who was the final witness in the Halloween attacker’s trial, took the position to present his opinion on the defendant’s state of mind at the time of the killing of five and injuring two more. D.R. Dr. Fatcher Martial Psychiatrist.R. Gilles Chamberland believes the accused was in a state of complete mental anguish during the facts and could not appreciate what he was doing.

According to DR. Fatcher devised a plan to kill people while Giroward was wounded and suffering. “It didn’t fall on him,” he explains

The young adult “must bear the weight of his difference”, he feels disrespected, he does not like the world in which he lives, he is misunderstood. The psychiatrist analyzes these as “factors that indicate depression”.

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Not mental illness

So this task will be a “narcissistic quest”, “imagine he is the master of the game”. “One way to maximize his difference is to live instead of having to face great difficulty in integrating,” the expert wrote in his 56-page report.

With any divine entity, nothing can be done with illusion or with a specific meaning, “as is usually seen in a mentally ill individual,” the expert adds. On several occasions the accused was placed in the accused’s box behind the witness and shook his head.

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Also, during meetings dR. Foucher asked him if there were any elements that could prevent him from going into that process. “If he had known love, it might have stopped him. This is not certain, but it may be,” the accused replied.

Big impossible

An element makes D believableR. Scream over the impossibility of Giroward’s psychiatric anesthesia. In the evening of events, when he had been developing his plan for six years, he said, “The sick area [le mauvais Carl] He disappeared in an instant and did not return. ”

“For me it was the exception, I have never seen it in my 26 years of life. It is the greatest impossibility,” the expert assured the jury.

“The events of the criminal case appear to us to be the result of Mr. Giroward’s malicious imagination,” the expert estimates. So Carl Giroward has a narcissistic personality disorder, with elements of hysterical-compulsive and avoidable personality. According to Sylvain Foucher, on October 31, 2020, she was able to tell the difference between good and evil.

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