Harrison Butker’s commencement speech was condemned by the Benedictine Sisters

Harrison Butker’s commencement speech was condemned by the Benedictine Sisters

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The Benedictine nuns at Mount St. Scholastica denounced it Kansas City Chiefs place Harrison Butker commencement address at Benedictine College, saying they “reject a narrow definition of what it means to be Catholic.”

In his inaugural speech, the Super Bowl-winning player attacked Pride Month, trans people and the coronavirus pandemic. Butker also said he believes women belong in the kitchen, adding that “one of the most important titles” a woman can have is housewife.

Butker’s comments were severely criticized, and those within the college denounced his speech. Sisters of Mount Saint Scholastica He said in a statement On Friday they do not believe the letter represents “the Catholic and Benedictine liberal arts college that our founders envisioned and in which we have invested so much.” The Sisters are founders and patrons of Benedictine College, According to its website.

“Rather than promoting unity in our church, nation and world, his comments appear to have fostered division,” the statement read. “One of our concerns has been to affirm that being a homemaker is a woman’s highest calling. We are sisters who have dedicated our lives to God and God’s people, including the many women we have taught and influenced over the past 160 years. These women have made an enormous difference in the world by Their roles as wives and mothers and through their God-given gifts in leadership, scholarship, and their careers.

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“We want to be known as an inclusive and welcoming community, embracing the Benedictine values ​​that have lasted for more than 1,500 years and spread to every continent and nation. We believe that these values ​​are at the core of Benedictine College.”

The Benedictine Sisters’ comments came after the NFL commented on the situation. Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Jonathan Bean said Butker spoke in his private capacity while the NFL distanced itself from him.

“His opinions are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which makes our league stronger,” Beane said.

Despite being condemned by many organizations and individuals, Butker’s jersey was listed among the top sellers at the NFL Store. Online, the list of his jerseys is ranked as “Most Popular Kansas City Chiefs”.

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