Have BTS split forever?

Fans all over the world have been left devastated by the news that BTS has split. The good news is that the split is not forever, as they have pledged that they will get back together someday. Of course, the use of the word “someday” won’t have given fans much comfort, as it makes it sound as though that day is quite far in the future.

We can expect some solo projects from BTS

Now that BTS have split, we can expect some solo projects from the seven-member band, which is made up of Jin, V, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and RM.

The band has been in quite a whirlwind since they first formed in 2010. They have had many hit songs, which resulted in them achieving stardom all over the world. The likes of Butter and Dynamite come to mind!

Speaking about the split, RM said the following:

“I always thought that BTS was different from other groups, but the problem with K-pop and the whole ‘idol’ system is that they don’t give you time to mature.

“You have to keep producing music and keep doing something.”

J-Hope also added the following:

“We should spend some time apart to learn how to be one again.

“I hope you don’t see this as a negative thing, and see it as a healthy plan. BTS will become stronger that way.”

Superfans will now need to set aside money to follow BTS’ solo careers      

In a recent Cost of Being a Music Superfan report, Betway talked you through some of the most expensive bands and artists to follow. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that BTS featured:

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“Popular South Korean boyband BTS emerges as the second most expensive pop sensation to be a fan of, costing BTS enthusiasts £4,795.50 over the course of their fandom.

“It will cost BTS fans wanting to purchase a piece of merchandise £12.94, whilst those desperate to leave one of their shows with a signed item will be expected to pay £6.99. Devotees of the boyband wanting to play ‘Dynamite’ on repeat can purchase their latest album ‘Proof’ for £22.99.”

Now that BTS has gone solo, we are sure that many fans will try to follow each member, and this will end up costing a fair sum, to say the least!

BTS is definitely not over!

While it is always upsetting when a band goes on a break, BTS has been very quick to reassure fans that they are not officially over. It is only a hiatus, and they will get back together again.

When you consider how the past 12 years have been for the band, it is not surprising that they feel like they need a little bit of time on their own to find themselves. We can expect some great solo projects while we wait for them to eventually get back together again for fans around the world.

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