He Almost Was Fired From “Sabrina” Over a Maxim Photoshoot – The Hollywood Reporter

He Almost Was Fired From “Sabrina” Over a Maxim Photoshoot – The Hollywood Reporter

Melissa Joan Hart reveals one of the ‘worst days’ of her life was when she said she almost got fired Sabrina the Teenage Witch After doing a Wisdom – an aphorism photo shoot.

During the last episode of Pod meets world PodcastHosts Danielle Fishel, Will Friedel, and Ryder Strong showed a photo of Hart with Britney Spears at the rom-com’s New York premiere in 1999. Drives me crazy. The actress proceeded to reminisce about the chaotic 24 hours that surrounded that photo, saying, “If you look into my eyes [in the photo]I’ve been crying all evening.”

The day started out rough because Hart said that not only was she planning on breaking up with her boyfriend at the time, who was also in the movie, but she was also “up since 4 a.m.” doing press. Then, once she got to the movie premiere, she remembered being told she couldn’t leave her car until Spears arrived.

“I had to wait on the red carpet,” Hart said. “They wanted me to wait in my car for about an hour for Britney to show up so we could take pictures together. So I thought, ‘Can I go and start doing journalism?'” [They were like,] “No, you have to wait for Britney.”

Once the red carpet was finished and the movie started, Hart said she was “then hauled into a limo” to head to the airport so she could shoot the horror spoof. Scary movie in Vancouver.

“I was supposed to be the opening person, the racy, big-breasted slaying or something in the beginning,” she said of her initial role in the film. “And I was put in a limo, and I was taken away, and I just broke up with my boyfriend while we were on the movie, and I’m crying and I’m upset.”

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But on her way to the airport, Hart said she received a call that she had been kicked out Scary movie. At that point, she ended up going to the Planet Hollywood afterparty instead.

And although she didn’t think things could get any worse after an already stressful day, Hart knew Sabrina. “My lawyer showed up and said, ‘I did,'” she said while at the party. photo session for Wisdom – an aphorism magazineHart recalled. “I say: Yes, I did.” They say, well, you’ve been sued and kicked off your show, so don’t talk to the press, don’t do anything.

Then I got “a phone call on my cell phone from my mother, my producer, who said to me, ‘What have I done? Wisdom – an aphorism! that it Wisdom – an aphorismOf course you will be in your underwear.

Hart later clarified that the whole ordeal was due to a streak on Wisdom – an aphorism Magazine cover reads, “Sabrina, your favorite witch without a stitch.” She said she was accused of violating her contract with Archie Comics, which stated that Hart would “never play this character.” [Sabrina] naked.”

Everything was eventually resolved because Hart said they “had no basis to stand on” because she “had no control over what they wrote on the cover”. She added that she also wrote a letter of apology.

But Hart said it was an emotional roller coaster for weeks as it took a while for everything to sort out. She even recalled crying in her father’s arms the first night she thought she had lost her show: “I’m crying so hard because my dad is hugging me, I got kicked out of my show, I just got kicked out of the movie, I just broke up with my boyfriend.”

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Hart starred in the hit ABC series, which tells the story of a teenage girl who discovers she is a witch and her aunts who help her master her newfound magical powers, for seven seasons from 1996 to 2003.

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