September 26, 2023

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Heavy thunderstorms overwhelm Montreal’s sewage system

Heavy thunderstorms overwhelm Montreal’s sewage system

Heavy rains in Montreal have overloaded sewers and forced authorities to close streets due to waterlogging.

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“We have a lot of water in a very short period of time, which puts us at risk of backsliding and flooding,” explains Philippe Sabourin, spokesperson for the City of Montreal.

Photo courtesy of Marilyn Boonvino

On social media, many Montrealers noted that their sewers backed up after the evening’s heavy rain when tornado warnings were issued across the borough.

“There was excess water in the Lachin Canal. This tells us that in some places, the sewers were at full capacity,” said Mr. Saborin confirms.

As a result, many streets were flooded and traffic was cut off.

By 5:30 pm, the following sections were affected:

  • Boulevard Saint-Joseph between Molson and Fulham
  • Boulevard Langelier between Zary and Jean-Dalon
  • Rue Masson between Iberville and de Lorimier
  • Boulevard Saint-Joseph between Iberville and Fullum
  • Rue Hochelaga between L’Assomption and Viau.

“This corresponds to very steep slopes and places where water accumulates in one place and fills up quickly,” says Mr. Saborin.

On Hoselaka Street, the city listed “at least three vehicles” caught in standing water.

As other storms hit Montreal on Thursday evening, Mr. Saborin asks.

“Everyone is urged to take this very seriously and stay safe at home in the coming hours.”

Highway 15 is closed between the 40 and Turcot interchange.