Here are the 10 worst roads in Quebec

Here are the 10 worst roads in Quebec

For the 9th year, CAA-Quebec has published its traditional list of the worst roads in Quebec according to road users.

Route 329 in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Laurentians, won the Palme d’Or award in this annual ranking.

In the second and third places, we find, respectively, the Chemin du Contour-du-Lac-a-Peuse, at La Duc in Morisy, and the Chemin Pink at Gatineau in Outouilles.

The Outais and Laurentides regions feature heavily in the top 10 worst roads.

Seven roads located in Montreal are on the list. We find rue Nord-Dame Est and Ouest, avenue Christophe-Colomb, rue Sherbrooke Est, boulevards de l’Acadie and Rosemont and rue Jean-Talon Ouest.

Quebec City is not left out, as five roads are represented there: boulevards Pierre-Bertrand, Jean-Dalon Ost, de l’Ormier, avenue Bourg-Royal and rue Chaumande.

CAA-Quebec confirms that despite the silly aspect of this suggestion, “many roads have benefited from repairs during the campaigns, which is a sign that the collected voices have been heard.”

“While funding for mobility will spark lively debates in the public arena, it is imperative that government guarantees safe and efficient infrastructure for all users,” declared Sophie Gagnon, Vice President of Public Affairs and Social Responsibility.

A total of 4,465 votes were counted from April 2 to 23, 2024 to establish this list.

Top 10 Worst Roads

1. Route 329 (MTMT), Saint-Adolphe-de-Hovard (Laurentides)

2. Chemin du Contour-du-Lac-à-Beauce, La Tuque (Mauricie)

3. Chemin Pink, Catino (Outauais)

4. Notch Road, Chelsea (Outauais)

5. Boulevard Albiny-Paquette, Mont-Laurier (Laurentians)

6. Chemin des Mille-Islands, Mille-Islands (Laurentides)

7. Chemin Val-des-Lacs, Sainte-Sophie (Laurentides)

8. Chemin Edward-Roy, Sherbrooke (Estry)

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9. Chemin Clogue, Catineau (Outauais)

10. Route 321 (MTMT) – Chemin de l’Ascension, L’Ascension (Laurentides)

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