Here’s why the 2023 Honda Civic Type R was made in Japan, not Indiana

Here’s Why the 2023 Honda Civic Type R Will Be Made In Japan, Not Indiana

association 2023 Honda Civic Type R Honda confirmed that it will be dealt with in Japan CD player Friday. This marks a return to the homeland of Honda after more than a decade of building the last Type R there.

Honda confirmed the move when the VIN seen on the prototype at the unveiling of the new Type R indicated the car would be made overseas. A company spokesperson has specified that the assembly site will be Yorii, Saitama, the factory where 2022 Civic Regular Hatchback Also built. This confirms that the Type R will not be produced at Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana, plant, which also produces the Civic hatch.

“Over the past three generations, the Civic Type R has been built in the UK as it was the only factory building a Civic Hatchback after the 2006 model year,” a Honda spokesperson said. CD player. “Due to the reorganization of global production, this plant has since been closed.”

As for why the Type R was made in Japan and not Indiana, this is not a statement of labor quality in one country over another. Remember that Honda promised Acura NSXIts entire production extends to the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Instead, a Honda spokesperson said it has more to do with a low-volume product like the Type R that doesn’t match the Greensburg oversize focus.

“Our plant in Indiana is running at full capacity and focused on two ultra-large products, the Civic hatchback and CR-V,“Adding a smaller model such as the Type R to the mix is ​​not commensurate with the facility’s focus at this time,” a Honda spokesperson said.

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The 2023 Honda Civic Type R, codenamed FL5, will be the first time a Japanese-made Civic Type R will be sold globally. While Honda also made a third-generation R-Type variant there, this version was only sold in Japan, the FD2.

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