High humidity: We are entering the worst

Published on July 5, 2023 at 12:34 pm

It is peak summer. After the storms, a heat wave hits Quebec. forecast.

Mercury moves

We’re entering the third week of astronomical summer, and we’re continuing to peak. After a few days of heavy thunderstorms, oppressive heat will dominate for the next two days.

Moisture 1

40 or more senses

Apart from Bas-Saint-Laurent, Côte-Nord and Gaspésie, Quebec will see the mercury level and surpass the 30° mark on Wednesday. The humidity is dragging its feet across the province, having triggered thunderstorms in recent days and caused all sorts of problems. Conclusion: Sentiments crossed the 40 bar in the Montreal region and the Outais. We approach 40 in the Laurentians, Estrie, Capitale-Nationale and Saguenay and Abitibi. Even around Chibukama, the feeling reaches 35.


The air is saturated

The body loses heat mainly through sweat. When there is moisture in the air, the human body cannot accommodate the water vapor produced, so cooling is very limited. Hence it is strongly recommended to avoid vigorous physical activity on Wednesday and Thursday. From the sensation of 40, the level of discomfort increases.


Uncomfortable nights

This feeling continues at night. The mercury will be above 20° at night from Wednesday to Thursday and most of southern Quebec from Thursday to Friday. The sun will give the slip on Friday, but the humidity has no intention of leaving Quebec. So the feeling is very uncomfortable. We’re talking about 40 people in Estrie and over 35 in the Montreal region, Outvois, Capitole-National and Saguenay.

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Moisture clings

It’s the first time this summer in Quebec that it’s passed 40. July averages from 1.4 days to 40 or more. So may be higher than average from the first week of the month. A cold front will move in over Quebec starting Friday, bringing a slight decrease in humidity. But the ratio will be very high, so the feeling will be very uncomfortable.


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