His bag and $10,000 were stolen | Caught by a couple on social media

His bag and $10,000 were stolen |  Caught by a couple on social media

He thought he was having a romantic evening with a handsome stranger, only to find himself gunned down and threatened by an armed man: a young Laval resident who had been robbed of nearly $10,000 hidden in his Gucci bag by a woman and her partner last fall. .

That’s the story the prosecution presented during Kevin-James Montesir’s acquittal hearing last week. The latter and his accomplice, Mary Daniela Sincilas, were charged with robbery in connection with an incident from October.

The victim, in his twenties, later spent the evening at the Arabesque hookah bar in downtown Montreal. He shows a photo of his wallet filled with money on the Snapchat app. According to the complainant’s version, many of his subscribers see this publication.

Photo filed with the court

The victim showed off her money in a post on the Snapchat app, hours before she caught up with the couple.

The same evening, he browsed the publications of an unknown woman on social networks. The latter was identified by the prosecution as 21-year-old Montrealer Marie Daniela Sincilas.

Prosecutor M said the victim offered to spend the rest of the evening with the suspect at his house in Lavale Oliver Bérard-Riccardelli. Mme Sincilas initially refused saying that he had come with his own car.

An ambush in front of his house

However, Mary Daniela Sincilas allegedly asked the young man to exchange money for petrol. It is said that after receiving the money, he left in a vehicle. He then went to the victim’s home in the Sainte-Rose area of ​​Laval.

A friend dropped him off, he explained, before getting into the complainant’s car.

As it was too late to buy wine, Mme Sincillus would have offered to contact him plug », or a contact who can sell them drinks after midnight.

It was around this time that a second suspect, identified by the Crown as Kevin-James Montessire, allegedly pointed a Glock handgun at the stunned young Laval resident and opened fire. He orders his personal effects to be delivered to him, according to the particulars judged by Frederic Benard attorney.

“Do you want to die? Do you want me to pull you over?”, the suspect reportedly said before hitting the young man in the temple with his rifle.

Mme Sincilus began pulling the victim’s phone and Gucci bag, telling him to drop everything.

Teen targeted by couple found robbed of $10,000 in cash and his bag Luxury, his Airpods Pro headphones, his key ring and his phone.

The Laval Police Service (SPL) quickly tracked down the pair of alleged robbers: Kevin-James Montesir and Marie-Daniela Sainsillas were arrested the day after the attack.

Photo filed with the court

A gun was found during a police search of Kevin-James Montesir’s home.

Officers recovered a banned gun and a high-capacity magazine containing 23 bullets from the accused’s house. Mr. Montessir remains in custody, while his alleged accomplices remain at large.

Me Fernando Belton and M.e Chantal Belavanz is defending Kevin-James Montesir and Marie-Daniela Sainsillas in the case.

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