“Humanity” was the most interesting game in Sony’s State of Play, and you can play a demo today

“Humanity” was the most interesting game in Sony’s State of Play, and you can play a demo today

I was forgivable if I had forgotten humanitythe game from Reese Creator Studio Tetsuya Mizuguchi Improvement. However, it’s finally close to launch — and it’s receiving expanded platform support in the process. promotion and tha announce During Sony’s State of Play event, the bizarre and platformer hybrid will arrive in May on PS4, PS5, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation VR2. A demo is also available today through the PlayStation Store, though you’ll have to act fast when it’s only available to play for a “limited time.”

The hypothesis is clearer. You play as a Shiba Inu (yes, really) who sets orders to guide human hordes to safety in pillars of light. And that’s just the beginning – you can expect flying and lightsaber fights with the mysterious “Others”, among many more oddities. There is a 90-level story mode, but you can also create your own maps to challenge other players.

humanity It has been in development for a long time, to put it mildly. The title was revealed in September 2019, and was set to come to PS4 and PSVR sometime the following year. It’s not clear what prompted the three-year wait (the pandemic certainly didn’t help), but it might be worth taking a look to see what developers took so long.

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