“I cannot sympathize with animal humans.”

“I cannot sympathize with animal humans.”
  • Renana Gume became upset when the MSNBC anchor asked her about her feelings about the Israeli counterattacks.
  • The mother, whose two sons, aged 12 and 16, were held hostage by Hamas, accused Mitchell of searching for a false equation.

An Israeli mother whose two sons were taken hostage by Hamas exploded at MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell when asked how she felt about Israeli counterstrikes in Gaza.

Renana Gumeh, whose two sons, aged 12 and 16, were kidnapped by Hamas, appeared visibly upset when Mitchell asked her about her feelings about the attacks in Gaza.

I can’t be empathetic anymore. “I can’t sympathize with animal humans — well, they’re not really human — who came into my house and smashed everything,” Gomme said.

“I stole everything, took my children from their bedrooms and took them to the Gaza Strip.”

Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip on Tuesday with air strikes as it prepared for an expected ground attack on Gaza.

Israeli mother Rinana Gomme said that her two sons were held hostage by Hamas
MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked Jumah how she felt about the Israeli counterattacks on Gaza
Israeli mother Renana Gome (pictured) said she was talking on the phone with her two sons, ages 12 and 16, when Hamas stormed their home and kidnapped them.

1,900 people are reported to have died in the conflict since Saturday, including 1,000 dead in Israel and 900 in Gaza. Hamas took hundreds of Israelis hostage.

Jumaa’s children were in their safe room when Hamas stormed their home and kidnapped them.

“I was on the phone with my little son, I wasn’t home at the time and all I heard was him begging them not to take him because he’s too young,” the mother said in a video clip shared with the BBC. I.

The terrorists took them out of their beds and broke into my house. “They broke down the door and took them away.”

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In the astonishing live interview, Juma accused Mitchell of trying to create a false equivalency between Hamas attacks and Israeli counterattacks.

“Look, you are first looking for a symmetrical situation. And I have to say it is not. “If you are dealing with a war between two countries, the countries do not take children hostage,” she added.

‘I’m sorry. It is against the laws of war. It is against humanity. It’s against anything we all believe in. Israel has never done that, and it never will. So there is no uniformity.”

The mother said she used to tell her children to sympathize with the children in Gaza, but now she is not so sure.

“Every time rockets were fired at us, I would tell my children that they should sympathize with the children of Gaza because they are suffering much more than they are. I am not sure I still believe it now.”

“I have to say that the only worry I have now about the bombing in Gaza is the fact that my children are there.” Juma said.

Israeli counter-strikes caused devastation in the western Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Israel mobilized more than 300,000 reserve soldiers, tanks and military vehicles ahead of the widely expected ground invasion.
Smoke rising from an Israeli air strike on Gaza on Wednesday morning. More than 150 Israelis were taken hostage after a surprise attack by Hamas on Saturday

More than 150 Israelis were taken hostage, including women, children and the elderly.

Israel mobilized more than 300,000 reservists, tanks and military vehicles ahead of the widely expected ground invasion.

The United States deployed Delta Force and SEAL Team Six to assist Israeli forces in locating the American hostages.

Jumaa said she hopes that removing the hostages from Gaza will be a priority for her country and the world.

“I think any mother in the world should try to imagine her children in this situation and then think again. This is all I want. I want the world to ask them to release the children and the elderly and release the civilians they have captured.”

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There is no reason to detain them there. They are not soldiers. They are not part of the war. And they have nothing to do with it.

“This is not how a state behaves. This is how a terrorist organization behaves. I am sorry,” she added. “So, again, there is no uniformity.”

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