October 1, 2022

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“I’m glad we got rid of this guy”: Legault corrects his controversial statement

François Legault returned Monday to his controversial statement last week, where he said he was “glad we got rid” of Abdullah Sheikh, who was allegedly involved in a series of three unnecessary killings in Montreal and Laval.

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“All I want to say is I’m glad the suspect has been taken out. [d’état] To harm,” the prime minister said at the unveiling of his candidacy at the Duplessis, Câterie Champagne Jourdain.

“I’m not happy that he’s dead, Mr. Legault added. I don’t want that. There are people who actually have mental health problems.

Abdullah Sheikh suffered from schizophrenia and was diagnosed by experts with antisocial and narcissistic personality traits. He was shot dead by officers of the Tactical Intervention Team, who allegedly fired at them twice.

A police investigation and another by the coroner’s office will shed light on the chain of events, particularly to understand why the man was released, Premier Legault said.

Confused ideas

François Legault’s words shocked Abdullah Sheikh’s lawyer, who shares the prime minister’s name. “It is very disturbing to hear what the Prime Minister has said. We live in a legal society governed by democratic institutions. One of the pillars of that system is the judiciary. The justice system ensures that anyone arrested and accused is presumed innocent,” said Mr.e Francois Legault.

You can’t say, “I’m glad we got rid of that guy.” It is very disturbing to hear that,” said Mr. He had attacked Shaikh’s lawyer.

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Treaties with Native Nations

And the prime minister used his Sept-Îles visit on Monday to say a new agreement with Inns of the North Shore is imminent to create a partnership similar to the Pikes des Braves concluded between Quebec in 2002. Greece.

“We are in discussions with almost all the countries, but I would say the one I met with is the most advanced,” said Mr. Legault commented with his candidate. .

“The idea is to do a bit like Greece: a global agreement that will eventually include some financing and projects that we can do together,” Mr. Legault said.