Immigration caps: a “potential disaster”, according to a constituency MP

Immigration caps: a “potential disaster”, according to a constituency MP

Bloc Québécois immigration spokeswoman Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe said Ottawa’s decision to welcome 500,000 people with a migrant background every year from 2025 would be a “potential disaster” for Quebec, which could lose its political weight.

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“It’s the math, with the announcement of these new limits there could be a disaster,” the Black MP told QUB Radio on Friday.

According to him, the Trudeau government did not present a concrete plan on the needs of housing, services and reception in the health and education systems, but only “a number”.

“Yes immigration is wealth and yes population and Quebec and Canada, we have no choice but to welcome new immigrants,” he said. [Mais] There is a severe shortage. I think we are more into ideology and dogma than facts.

Criticizing the lack of discussions with the provinces on this issue, Mr. Brunel-Duceppe suggested that Quebec’s political weight might be reduced if these limits were maintained.

“Quebec’s reception capacity is different compared to other provinces, which is obvious because of the franchising challenge that other provinces don’t have,” he said.

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