March 29, 2023

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In Alberta, federal officials must prohibit access to private land

The bill’s announcement comes amid heightened tensions between the new Alberta premier and the federal government. Since his return to politics last fall, Daniel Smith has thrown red balls at Ottawa, accusing it of meddling in various areas and passing his controversial Alberta sovereignty bill.

We see federal government employees trespassing on private land in Alberta. We don’t believe it’s appropriate, and we’re going to make it a crime. We have seen problems with water quality inspectors in particular. Breaking and entering will incur chargesThe government’s House Speaker Joseph Schoe said on Wednesday morning.

However, the Ministry of Justice denied it the next day.

While there have been no confirmed cases of breaking and entering by federal government employees in Alberta, concerns were raised by landowners due to events in Saskatchewan in 2022, when a landowner witnessed forced entry.Justice Department spokesman Ethan Legavalier-Kidney writes.

A review of our break-and-enter laws that already apply to individuals and businesses shows that they could be strengthened to extend to the federal government.He adds.

Such a bill could be challenged in court because it would prevent federal employees from doing their jobs.

I did not ask the exact reason for introducing this bill or what problem the government is trying to solve hereNDP Leader of Opposition Irfan Sabir says.

In a democratic system, all parties should work together. This government’s approach is to blame others for its failures and not focus on the real issuesHe adds.

According to him, the United Conservative government should focus on cost of living, access to healthcare and education.

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A bill to protect the use of firearms

A United Conservative government will introduce another bill Protect Albertans from the federal gun confiscation program and establish a regulatory system that promotes the safe and responsible use of firearmsJoseph Shaw said.

The Speaker mentions the compulsory buy back of 1,500 types of assault rifles banned by the Central Government.

The program was implemented after the 2020 Portland, Nova Scotia shootings, in which the shooter used a civilian version of the gun.

However, the plan has been heavily criticized by many hunters, farmers and conservative governments.

When asked about Alberta’s ability to legislate gun control in a federal jurisdiction, Joseph Shaw dodged the question. It is important that we as a province enshrine our rights in law and codify the responsibilities of the Chief Fire Officer. [de l’Alberta]he said.

A short but intense legislative session

The legislative session will last only till the end of March and will be animated by three bills and budget allocation.

The United Conservative government will also introduce a bill detailing its new fiscal framework. Thus, with few exceptions, he wants to ban the province from running deficits, limit increases in operating costs, raise tuition fees to 2% per year and change the rules for repaying student loans.

The bill relating to breaking and entering on private land will be incorporated into an omnibus bill. It will also affect social benefits for irrigation, wanted criminals and registrants. It would also expand worker’s compensation presumptive coverage for firefighters involved in the 2016 Fort McMurray fire.

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