In the video | “Hey, let's get him!”: Police officers stop car thieves in Montreal

In the video |  “Hey, let's get him!”: Police officers stop car thieves in Montreal

A citizen filmed two police officers who intervened with several suspected car thieves in downtown Montreal on Sunday afternoon.

A video posted by the 514_baddest page on Instagram on Monday shows the SPVM's intervention following a call made at around 1:30pm regarding the theft of several vehicles.

Two SPVM agents are seen at the scene, while a suspect in a BMW tries to flee.

According to SPVM, other persons involved in the incident fled on foot.

The suspect driving the vehicle confronted two police officers on a one-way street.

Two more immobile cars, some of which may have been stolen by a gang of thieves, prevented him from retreating.

The suspect can be seen in the video backing up before climbing onto the sidewalk to avoid cars blocking his access.

One of the SPVM officers can be heard shouting to his colleague, “Hey, we're robbing him,” before asking them to take their patrol car to follow the suspects.

We can also hear an angry police officer uttering some curses.

The video ends as the patrolman returns with a police car numbered 20-8.

SPVM says no one has been arrested in the case and the investigation is still ongoing.

It was also clarified that no ethical complaint was registered against the officers who intervened at the scene.

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