Following today’s launch of the iPhone 15 series, a few of our website readers reached out to highlight that the devices support USB-C to Ethernet adapters, allowing for a wired internet connection with faster download speeds than Wi-Fi.

Apple confirmed this information in a Support document Last week, with USB to Ethernet adapters listed as compatible with iPhone 15 models. When your iPhone is connected with an Ethernet cable, a hidden Ethernet menu appears in the Settings app with IP-related information and various configuration options.

One reader told us that an iPhone 15 Pro connected to an Ethernet network achieved a peak download speed of over 800Mbps in a speed test.

iPhone 15 Pro Ethernet settings

While this is one of the various clever ways in which the USB-C port can be used on the iPhone 15 models, we should know that previous iPhones with a Lightning connector also support Ethernet with an adapter. However, we decided to highlight this information as a useful tip because it is gaining attention.

All four iPhone 15 models launched today in the US and more than 40 other countries.

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