It’s a new era…and a fairly clear timeline

It’s a new era…and a fairly clear timeline

“Never bring peanut butter to a jelly fight.” I need to remember that!

Boy, that was a lot of fun. First, I’d like to say that I’m very proud of our digital and social department. I also want to give a heartfelt “thank you.” To Jordan Love, Jaire Alexander, Preston Smith, Elgton Jenkins, Kisean Nixon, and Larry for signing up to see our timeline release video and enjoying the project. It was a long process but totally worth it. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s a new era…and a fairly clear timeline.

Conner is from Flagstaff, Arizona

You just watched the Packers schedule reveal. What did they do to convince you guys about the clown? Or is this an original idea from you guys?

I think a little bit of both. Although I would never openly volunteer for such an offer, Spoff can legitimately fit in. It all started there and evolved into something very strange.

Second regards. How do you see it? How about this schedule, eh?

Like I said, it’s a relatively normal schedule Other than the four consecutive primetime games. This is more unique than bad, especially with back-to-back Thursday nights. I like to play four games in a row at noon to start the home schedule. As associate editor of Packers Gameday, I wasn’t interested in back-to-back home games during the four days before Thanksgiving, but that’s how it goes. I find it funny that the Packers and Lions didn’t match up in Week 18 after the two played seven regular season finals against each other over a nine-year span from 2014-22.

George is from North Mankato, MN

Which stretch of timeline are you most concerned about? I think weeks 13-16 will be very beneficial for multiple reasons. Is there a game you wish was set in a different place in the timeline?

Not real. I find it strange that Green Bay would still play an unusual opponent like Miami on the offseason. Weeks 13-16 will be a challenge. Matt LaFleur said it himself, but I also think it’s a tremendous opportunity for this team if they’re in contention. While I’m not saying I’m “worried” about the Detroit Lions in Week 9, this is an important stretch I’m keeping in mind. Green Bay hosts the defending NFC North champions in Week 10 and then faces Caleb Williams for the first time on the other side of it. This is a tone setter, for sure.

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Matches of the third division of the Golden Package? I know the Gold Pack gets a bad reputation for not being loud enough, but I can promise you that this Gold Pack member will be louder than ever in those three games. Was there a better extension for Golden Ticket holders?

I am optimistic. Here’s a breakdown of how the ninth regular season game will alternate between Gold and Green Package ticket holders – In the 2024 season, when the NFC has a “9-1” schedule, the Gold Package will receive the ninth home game at Lambeau Field, and the Green Package will receive a pregame game. season. In 2026, when the NFC has a “9-1” schedule again, it will be the turn of the green package holders to receive a ninth game at Lambeau Field, and the gold package will receive a preseason game. However, if the Packers are set to host an international game in 2026, the Green Pack holders will get a ninth home game when the “9-1” schedule returns to the NFC in 2028. That happened, with the league reserving Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago for the second games. And the fifth and ninth, respectively.

Preston is from Tallahassee, Florida

I understand the frustration of streaming games, and I was thrilled when the NFL got rid of the hated satellite-only plan. Out-of-town Packer Backers, like me and my family, had to find a restaurant with an NFL show, spend a lot of money on food, sit in uncomfortable chairs, and be offered extraordinary tips (rightfully so) in exchange for taking up space for three people – an hour and a half. Now, I can watch every Packers game, nationally broadcast or not, eat better food, sit more comfortably…it’s a win.

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I’m not saying it can’t be better, but I feel like we’ve seen the league make significant progress in how fans watch games over the past 10 years. As much as the average viewer may not want to sign up and/or pay for a Peacock subscription, it has an easy-to-use interface. I’m also more attuned to this given my love for the sport (UFC) which charges its fanbase $80 every four weeks to watch its pay-per-view.

If you had the power to make one change to the NFL in any way, what would it be and why?

Go back to 16 regular season games forever…or at least until I hang up Steno’s book.

There’s a lot of talk about streaming services. However, technology is the biggest pain point and the part that irritates me about streaming differently is that everyone is at a different point in the game. Group chats spoil endings, ESPN gives away scoring drives before the end, and so on. Do you see this as a problem for the National Football League? If every ending was spoiler or I could know the outcome of the drive before the TV showed it, wouldn’t that spoil some of the drama?

As someone who frequently gets yelled at by people on Twitter, I’ll just say this – if you don’t want your game messed up, reconsider using a second monitor while watching live sports.

Mike is from New Orleans, LA

As much as we talk about bye weeks, I still don’t have a solid understanding of how the NFL schedules them. For example, it seems that some years there are bye weeks in the fifth week, and some years there are no bye weeks.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Regarding this season, who or what do you think are the five biggest additions the Packers have made this offseason? Who would you pick as an under-the-radar dark horse to break into the top five? This might be a better question for your external inbox in about six weeks, then?

Let’s save the last one to the Outsider Inbox (because I don’t have many ideas/posts yet). I doubt any of this comes as a surprise, but my top five additions are Xavier McKinney, Josh Jacobs, Javon Bullard, Edgerrin Cooper, and MarShawn Lloyd.

If Lucas Van Ness is our most improved player in the new scheme, how good can this defense be?! Will there be another defensive player on the most improved roster that you think will produce the best results for the team?

If this is the case, pay attention. Because a rookie LVN will make life easier for Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, and the rest of the Packers’ defensive line.

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