‘It’s up to you to stand up!’: Trudeau hits out at Poilivre

‘It’s up to you to stand up!’: Trudeau hits out at Poilivre

Presiding over the opening night of the Liberal conference in Ottawa until Saturday, Justin Trudeau has confirmed that he will lead his forces to the next election against an opponent who has no qualms about reaching out to the far right, Pierre Poilivre.

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Greeted by a packed house at the Shaw Center in Ottawa, the prime minister highlighted the contrast between liberal red and conservative blue at every turn of his 20-minute speech.

To the delight of the crowd, Mr. Trudeau, Mr. He called Poilivre’s attacks “woke”.

“Woke up too much? Hey, Pierre Boilivre, it’s your turn to get up!” he began, earning the first round of applause of the evening.

Why wake up? We have affordability centers on the fact that “a gender-balanced cabinet is a good thing,” “women’s participation in the labor market is a good thing,” or “thanks to more women taking care of children.”

“Pierre Poilievre’s populism, slogans and buzzwords are not serious solutions to the serious challenges we face,” Trudeau said.

Faced with a “rapidly” changing world, Mr. Trudeau implored the Liberals to “not forget” who they won to better address the “combination of challenges” facing the world, such as climate change and the war in Ukraine. .

Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie was responsible for warming up the crowd ahead of the chef’s arrival.

After more than seven years in power, Ms. Jolie said she could call Justin Trudeau the “dean of progressive leaders” in the world.

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To say that the Minister was unkind to Mr. Boileau would be an understatement.

The Conservative leader, who was elected in September, “has demonstrated that he will do everything to satisfy the most extreme elements of his base,” he said. “No attack is too mean or too ridiculous.”

“The Rising Wave of the Far Right [à travers le monde] It has already reached our shores. “Just think how Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party,” said Minister Joly.

The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) conference will be the first in-person conference in five years. The 2021 conference was held exclusively online.

As the guest of honour, former US Vice President Hillary Clinton will make a special appearance at the panel on Friday evening.

A majority of opinion polls over the past year have given the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) a sometimes slight, sometimes larger lead over the PLC.

Conservative parties are also outpacing Liberals in fundraising. In the first quarter of 2023, the CCP raised no less than $8.3 million, or $5 million more than the Liberals.

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