Jason Kidd’s mind games fail in the NBA Finals, plus the rare comparison to Tiger Woods

Jason Kidd’s mind games fail in the NBA Finals, plus the rare comparison to Tiger Woods

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While You Were Sleeping: The Celtics’ MVP is…whoever!

Companies: Scotty Scheffler Lines

Golf nerds (hello: 🙋) can tell you the phrase “best since Tiger!” It will interest you but will usually leave you groaning in disapproval once you check the receipts. If you’re not a golf fan, here’s baseball:

  • Statement: “Best since Tiger Woods” is like an announcer saying: “Bob is the first man to throw 105 mph since 2004. Wow!”
  • the problem: Tiger was like a pitcher who throws 105… in a complete game of 115 pitches. Access 105 mph Not the same. its just Reminds us For what he did…all the time.

But when Scottie Scheffler won yesterday at the Memorial Gala, we could at least say this: This is what Tiger Woods looked like.

Real “cool”! Statistics from Al Jalila The athlete contributor Justin Ray:

“Scottie Scheffler is the first player to head to the US Open with five or more PGA Tour victories including a major in that season since Arnold Palmer in 1962.”

The thing with Scotty is this: he’s not a tiger, but he is the win on him. Like a tiger.

It’s US Open week. Keep it here.

News you should know

Alcaraz makes Grand Slam history
Carlos Alcaraz, the 21-year-old Spanish star, defeated German Alexander Zverev yesterday to win his first French Open title. This was his third Grand Slam title, a win that put him on the path to becoming an all-time great. He became the first player to win his first three Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces.

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Hurley Lakers decision coming soon?
UConn head coach Dan Hurley either becomes the Lakers’ coach or he doesn’t. met with The team on FridayBut nothing was announced over the weekend. We should know in the next 24 hours. He is confident of the increase. Keep it here and you’ll know

More news

Feedback loop: It is answered in the form of a question

Thank you to the thousands of you who voted in our Sunday poll Best game show of all time — In honor of retiree Pat Sajak. If we had handicapped him, Pulse Sportsbook would certainly have been subjected to a “Jeopardy!” My favorite, maybe even “Jeopardy!” -three hundred fifty. But we did no We expect complete domination at this level. Numbers:

Some thoughts in tribute to the overwhelming champion:

  • “Danger!” It is the rare show capable of generating stars. Consider: current host, the legendary Ken Jennings Winning series It happened 40 years After the show debuted in 1964. Allowing contestants to retain the title belt until they were defeated created a new sensation.
  • James Holzhauer Break the game It was another huge draw just a few years ago. This is a legitimate, tense competition on television. As we said yesterday: sports!
  • “Danger!” He gave us Tord Ferguson. I’m turning to you. He watches. (But seriously: This is a multi-generational cultural touchstone. Even the calls to the hill are accompanied by this show’s music.)

And yes, we got one vote for Thanassis, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s brother. That could explain the bounce.

Watch this game

Stanley Cup: Oilers at Panthers
8pm ET on ABC
So far, Edmonton has fallen despite having complete control of Game 1. This is a hockey-like thing that happens when the goalie is completely unconscious. Later.

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MLB: Yankees at Royals
8pm ET on MLB.tv
Yeah, sorry I’ve been so heavy on the Yankees the last few days, but this starts a series between two of the top four teams in the AL so far.

Get tickets for such games here.

Pulse shots

Sabrina Merchant has something new WNBA Power rankings, where we have a new No. 1, and Brittney GreinerHer 2024 debut was boosted by the Phoenix Mercury, who beat her 2-0 on the floor.

Speaking of Americans: over the weekend, Dodgers They took over two of three from New York — and their fans took over a large portion of Yankee Stadium.

Lots of weekend baseball trips. Fans in MLB London Series“My trip cost $1,200, but we had to be here.”

I am waiting, Manchester United He continues Thomas Tuchel? What a mess. Lest you think we’re exaggerating, let’s quote this piece: “But seriously, what a mess. Wasn’t this meant to be the beginning of a new era of enlightened thinking at United under Sir Jim Ratcliffe? Read carefully.

Presenting it all in 2024 – “Wait, they’re still playing college football?!” Led team Miami is a ninth-year senior. Not a typo.

Most read in yesterday’s newsletter: When in London, celebrate Homeric style, explains Bryce Harper.

Most read on the site yesterday: “The settlement of the Alexander Zverev case does not give tennis the certainty it wants.”

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