Joe Rogan claims the Spotify controversy increased his subscriber count by 2 million

Joe Rogan claims the Spotify controversy increased his subscriber count by 2 million

It appears that Joe Rogan’s online controversy regarding his use of the n-word and his views on COVID-19 have not deterred potential subscribers.

Rogan, who hosts “Joe Rogan’s Experience employment spotifyHe claimed to have gained subscribers through differences During Friday’s episode, British political commentator Douglas Murray appeared.

“You’ve been put in a juicer since we last met,” Murray told Rogan, referring to Rogan’s attempt to “cancel” online. “They did a number on you. Awesome.”

“It’s interesting, my subscriptions have skyrocketed Rogan’s response is insane. During the height of it all, she gained 2 million subscribers… yeah, [the media] I went for it. It is also fortunate that the people who worked for it were too CNN. They are untrustworthy, and people know how prejudiced and socially awkward they are.”

Joe Rogan claimed he got 2 million subscribers while reviewing his latest feuds online. (Michael Schwartz/WireImage/Getty Images)

SPOTIFY EXEC: Joe Rogan Saga Was A “True Learning Experience”

Spotify does not disclose subscriber growth numbers, but a source familiar with the matter told FOX Business that the increase in subscriber growth was at the broadcast regulator’s normal rate and was not considered an increase.

Spotify did not immediately respond to FOX Business’s request for comment.

Rogan publicly apologized for his use of the n-word at the time. The bug came after the Grammy-winning India singer-songwriter posted a group on Instagram and announced that she was removing her music from Spotify’s streaming service because of it.

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In a video posted to his Instagram account, Rogan, who hosts the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” said his use of the n-word in the compilation Arie posted was “the most unfortunate and shameful thing I’ve ever come across to talk about in public.” But he said the clips were “out of context”.

“It’s not my word to use. I’m well aware of that now, but for years I’ve used it this way,” he said during a six-minute video on his Instagram account. “I’ve never used it to be a racist because I’m not a racist.”


Joe Rogan

The podcaster has also been heavily criticized for its stances on COVID-19. (Jeff Buttari/Zova LLC/Getty Images)

Following criticism that Rogan was spreading misinformation about COVID-19, Spotify has decided to add guidelines related to Spotify’s fact-based COVID-19 hub.

Rogan previously addressed the controversies during a comedy show in February.

“I’m talking about a living – which is why this is so confusing to me,” he said. “If you’re taking vaccine advice from me, is it really my fault? What’s stupid—what was I about to do when my stupid idea seemed better?” You know that guy who made people eat animals D—- on TV? How does he feel about medicine? If you want my advice, don’t take my advice.”

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