John Calipari wanted Brad Calipari on Kentucky's staff; He'll bring him to Arkansas

John Calipari wanted Brad Calipari on Kentucky's staff;  He'll bring him to Arkansas

What an absolute roller coaster Kentucky basketball fans, and it doesn't look like the journey is ending anytime soon.

The Wildcats woke up Monday morning with coach John Calipari heading to Arkansas to become the Razorbacks' next head coach.

Calipari leaves Kentucky after 15 seasons in Lexington and a national championship victory in 2012.

As Calipari prepares for Arkansas, he will begin building his coaching staff.

Immediately after the breaking news of Cal's departure, Trey Peddy of 247Sports reported that he plans to bring his son, Brad Calipari, with him to Arkansas to be part of his staff.

The 27-year-old Calipari most recently worked with Jerry Stackhouse at Vanderbilt as the team's director of player development. The Commodores went 9-23, and Stackhouse was fired, leaving the younger Calipari out of a job.

Apparently, if John had stayed, he would have sought to assign Brad to Kentucky's staff next season. According to Aaron Torres.

That's the problem with Calipari. He wants to have too many “his guys” on staff instead of hiring the best employees possible, which is only part of the reason the program has declined to the levels we've seen recently.

Fortunately, this appears to be over.

It's clear by now that Cal wanted Brad back on his staff, whether it was in Lexington or not. As of now, it looks like Brad will be one of the first additions with the Razorbacks.

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