Jordan Westberg collects his first MLB hit and RBI in his debut

Jordan Westberg collects his first MLB hit and RBI in his debut

BALTIMORE – Jordan Westberg’s first MLB game produced plenty of big league starts for the 24-year-old.

First hit. first walk. Score the first run. first RBI. The first defensive gem. Even the first (and second) rain delay.

Indeed, the weather at Camden Yards on Monday night provided a memorable backdrop for Westburg’s reception on The Show. The Orioles’ No. 3 prospect (and No. 34 prospect on the MLB Pipeline) fit in seamlessly with his new team, helping Baltimore pull off a damp 10-3 win over Cincinnati to improve to 48-29, a season-high 19 games above. .500.

When Westburgh — who was called up from Triple A Norfolk on Monday — entered the hitting zone for the first time as a senior in the second inning, the game had already been delayed 15 minutes before game one because of rain. In Westburgh plate appearance, the rain has been steadily rising.

This did not prevent him from obtaining a fruitful plate appearance. Despite the playing surface becoming increasingly wetter, Westberg worked an impressive seven-pitch rally off Reds outfielder Brandon Williamson, eventually coming through to score on Austin Hayes’ single.

Westburg’s second plate appearance came later—but after a rain delay of 1 hour and 44 minutes. Some fans may have left — but many stayed, including Westberg’s parents, Paul and Christine and his wife, Anna Claire, all of whom were seated in a lower reserve section behind home plate.

But Westberg’s best home run came first in the bottom of the fifth—his first batter. Right-hander Eduardo Salazar threw a 3-2 slider well into Westburgh, who still turned around and tossed it to left field for a one-out.

The Westberg family cheered and embraced the stands. The crowd chanted “Wes Tay! Wes Tay!” as they often did throughout the night. The ball was recovered and thrown into the Orioles dugout for safe keeping.

It was the highlight of the defining night for Westburg, who finished 1-for-3 and picked up plenty of great memories along the way.

“It’s special,” Westberg said of his call-up day shortly before his debut. “Super special.”

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