Killing of Kyline Botvin: Termination of Proceedings Requested by Grenan

Killing of Kyline Botvin: Termination of Proceedings Requested by Grenan

The trial of preliminary motions in the Marc-André Grenon case continued Monday morning, which, if granted, would acquit the man of the charges against him for murdering the Cégep de Jonquière student. In 2000.

Preliminary motions for the highly anticipated trial are scheduled for next week in Chicoutimi court.

Their contents are currently subject to a publication ban as the trial will be heard by a jury.

Therefore, the reasons given by the defense for seeking interim stay of the trial cannot be given. However, if Judge François Hood makes a positive decision on the defence’s plea, Marc-Andre Grenan will be acquitted of the serious charges of premeditated murder and sexual assault against him.

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Recall that the man was charged with the murder of Kailine Botvin, who was brutally murdered in April 2000 after being sexually assaulted at her home in Jonquière.

Marc-Andre Grenon

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Other questions

If the judge refuses to grant a mistrial, the defense will also file a motion this week to exclude the evidence.

The request is subject to a publication ban to avoid tainting future arbitration.

A first motion from the defense, submitted a short time ago, should be decided by Judge Hood soon. The request aims to move the trial of the trial to Quebec rather than Chicoutimi County.

According to the defendant’s counsel, Me Karine Poliquin and Marc-André Grenon were unable to benefit from a fair and just trial at the scene of Kailine Botvin’s murder due to the high media coverage of the case. According to the defense, this fact complicates the formation of an impartial jury.

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Judge Hood had indicated that he would make his decision on the change of venue at the end of the hearing of the preliminary motions.

A possible hearing in January

The trial for the premeditated murder of Marc-Andre Grenan, if he is in Sikotimi, could begin in January 2024.

Remember that this is coupled with new investigative techniques, particularly genealogy, which allowed the man to be arrested for a crime more than 20 years old.

Marc-Andre Grenon


Grennan was charged with the attempted murder and sexual assault of another student from Quebec. The alleged facts occurred a few months after the death of Kailine Botvin.

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