Kim Kardashian shares photo from AHS: Delicate Part Two

Kim Kardashian shares photo from AHS: Delicate Part Two

Kim Kardashian is embracing horror.

The 43-year-old SKIMS founder posted a collection of photos on Instagram April 4 after the movie premiere American Horror Story: Part Two Exactly, which had aired on FX the previous day. In all four photos included in the post, Kardashian is dressed mischievous— like the all black outfit, which she was first seen wearing in New York City in January while filming the series.

The look consists of a gothic black Victorian-era dress and a stunning black headpiece with matching feathers, giving Kardashian a spooky look that fits perfectly. AHS — and it would certainly allow her to properly pursue her character's client, Anna (Emma Roberts).

In the last slide of the post, she appears in a promotional video for the series, sarcastically saying: “Are you too scared to watch live? Don't worry. You can now broadcast American Horror Story: Part Two Exactly On Hulu.”

In Season 12 of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's hit series, Kardashian plays her biggest scripted role yet as gung-ho publicist Siobhan, who will stop at nothing to get Anna to the top. In the Tractor to The second partWhich follows the five episodes that aired in the fall, fans got a glimpse at just how far Siobhan was willing to go for her client – with the two sharing a close kiss and Siobhan slapping Anna in the face while out to dinner.

“I won't let you say another word about quitting smoking,” Kardashian's character said after the slap.

The trailer ends with Anna describing Siobhan as a “monster”, to which she responds: “Oh no, darling. I'm much worse.”

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Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts in the first episode of “American Horror Story: Delicate.”

Eric Lebowitz/FX

on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon On April 3, Roberts, 33, admitted that while her kiss scene with Kardashian looked “intense” in the trailer, it wasn't that way in real life.

“You know, we do that, you forget about it, and seeing it, it seemed so intense. But in the meantime, we were laughing, because we kissed and they said, ‘Cut,’ and Kim looked at me and started laughing and I was like, ‘What?’ And I just got it.” [lip] I remembered the shine all over my face. “So we had to do a big clean-up between every take.”

Roberts then exclaimed, “Perfect, glossy Kardashian lips,” before pointing out that the makeup actually went “everywhere” during filming.

Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian in the trailer for “American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two.”


After the trailer dropped, Roberts' younger sister Grace had a particularly noticeable reaction to the kiss scene. The actress told host Jimmy Fallon that her sister felt intimidated by her because she had never shared details of the kiss before. While it was “like another day at the office” for the actress, she said Grace, 23, didn't have the same reaction.

“My sister was like, ‘No, it’s not. I kissed Kim Kardashian and didn't tell me. “

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Episodes 1-6 of American Horror Story: Delicate It can be streamed on Hulu.

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