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Christine McVie

Kristin McPhee has revealed the Fleetwood Mac member she was “terrified” of [DETAILS]

Christine McPhee wasn’t one of the original members of Fleetwood Mac.

In fact, she joined after meeting the members of the band, which included her ex-husband, John McPhee, and drummer Mick Fleetwood.

When their co-founder Peter Green left the band, the two men reportedly goaded her into joining at the last minute.

She agreed, but likely didn’t because of her first impressions of others. In fact, she was afraid of this guy when she first met him.

Christine McPhee before joining Fleetwood Mac

Christine McPhee’s father used to be a concert violinist. As a result, she grew up playing classical piano.

When her brother began introducing her to American music, she turned away from classical music and spent her college years playing in a band.

After graduating from high school, Christine began to pursue music seriously, and a friend asked her if she wanted to play piano for their band, Chicken Shack.

Kristen said at the time that she was “bored,” “don’t do much of anything,” and “don’t make any money at all,” so she immediately agreed.

This person intimidated Christine McPhee

Chicken Shack was a minor hit before starting to support Fleetwood Mac.

John McVie, Jeremy Spencer, Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac were members of the Blues Band. Christine became an immediate fan of the band.

She described these individuals as having “tremendous magnetism”, especially Peter Green.

Kristen also called Jeremy Spencer “an outrageous little guy on stage”.

She met and became friends with every member of the band.

Kristin McPhee described these individuals as the hilarious chapters in the book “Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac,” according to Rolling Stone

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“Great guys, really funny. Peter Green was an admirably cocky and charming lad. He was the one who really attracted me first. Jeremy Spencer was vulgar and sassy but funny.”

However, it took him longer to warm to Mick Fleetwood because of his looks.

She explained, “Mick Fleetwood – I was terrified, so tall and skinny and imposing,” she said.

“He gave off the impression of being quite arrogant but he’s just a puppy really, and I loved John.”

Despite the first impression, Christine McPhee went on to join the band in the ’70s and left in 1998, after 30 years of being part of Fleetwood Mac.

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Christine McPhee is dead

Christine McPhee passed away on November 30, 2022. She was 79 years old.

her family announced her death On social media, he said that the keyboardist and singer died in the hospital, but he did not specify the cause of death.

However, in June, Kristen revealed to Rolling Stone She was in “very poor health” after suffering from back problems.

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