Kyle Marissa Roth dies: TikTok star was 36 years old

Kyle Marissa Roth dies: TikTok star was 36 years old

Kyle Marissa Roth, the popular TikTok creator known for discussing controversial Hollywood topics, has died. She was 36 years old.

Her sister, Lindsay Roth, announced the news on social media on Monday, saying that she “passed away last week.” The cause of death was not revealed.

“As a family, we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life,” Lindsay Roth said he wrote on Instagram. “I know she touched so many people with her sense of humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip, athleticism and more – she had so many gifts.”

Lindsay Roth added: “I am so sorry to those who are now learning of this loss. Any prayers, thoughts, blessings or intentions for a smooth transition for these souls are welcomed.”

Roth's mother, Jackie Cohen Roth, also paid tribute to the TikTok star, writing: LinkedIn“This is not a platform for personal life posts but many of my connections on this platform go back years and I have a tremendous loss to share. My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives through her tremendous life on another platform. Kyle loved and lived fiercely.” Nothing makes sense now and we will understand more in the next few days. Please be kind to each other.”

Ruth, who has amassed over 175k followers on TikTok, rose to fame by uploading videos of herself talking about celebrity gossip and entertainment news. She begins many of her videos with her signature tagline, “You want more? I'll give you more.”

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