Landlord rejected in court: Doctor wanted to impose rent increase of $1,150 per month…or eviction

Landlord rejected in court: Doctor wanted to impose rent increase of $1,150 per month…or eviction

A judge rejected a housing review request by a doctor who tried to evict his tenant in Montreal.

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“Anecdotal evidence demonstrates that housing is restarted by the tenant’s refusal to accept rent increases proposed by the landlord,” lamented Erica Aliova, judge of the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

In his decision on August 14, DR Hadi Grayum allegedly tried to evict his tenant, Deborah Kovale Benim. The latter was built in 2021 in the heart of the Griffintown district. Rented a condo from Graham.

So the doctor could use the famous “Section F” in his lease, allowing owners of new homes to increase their rent without limit over a five-year period. He first tried to raise the rent on his condo from $1,750 to $2,900 a month.

“The tenant manifests that the increase was wrongful and was made with an intention to force him to quit his accommodation,” can we read in the judgment?

Portrait of Dr. Haddy Graham.

Photo taken from Hadi Graeme’s Facebook account

Something to get him out

Deborah Kovale Benim declined the $1,150 raise. She also informed her landlord that she planned to stay in the condo.

Faced with this reaction, Hadi Craiyum immediately launched a demand for repossession of the houses from TAL.

Before the judge, the doctor explained that he lives in another apartment located in the same building as his tenant. He explained that he wanted the accommodation of Msme The 31-year-old owner begged Benim to be taken in by his brother, who he wants to be close to due to health issues.

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“The owner did not convince the court that his brother was the main supporter,” the judge criticized. In this situation, the landlord does not convince the court that it actually intends to withdraw the accommodation for specific purposes.

According to court documents, DR Krayem owns at least four properties in Montreal. One of them is a condo on Ollier Street that rents for $4,500 a month and another unit on Beale Street that rents for $1,500 a month.

Read the decision of TAL regarding resumption of D’s housingR Hadi Krayem in the document below:

According to the judge, there is no credibility

Honorable Erika Aliova finally notes that Dr. “leaves many uncertainties to deprive the tenant of his right to stay in his accommodation.”

The Court further states that Déborah Kouale Benime has succeeded in casting doubt on the goodwill of her owner and the reasons that prompted him to give notice of withdrawal of accommodation.

The TAL concluded that “after discussions and analysis of the evidence submitted, the landlord’s withdrawal of accommodation is denied,” adding that the ruling did not have to rule on rent increases.

Newspaper Hadi reached out to Graeme for an interview, but he did not respond to our request.

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