December 9, 2022

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Landslides in La Bale: Improved assistance to victims, they can return for the most part

Visiting La Baie this morning, Prime Minister François Legault announced a significant increase in compensation for landslide victims and that most of them would be able to return to their homes within two or four months.

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76 houses or 187 civilians were evicted due to landslides and land instability. Five houses are to be demolished and the fate of the four is not yet certain.

But residents of the other 67 apartments will be able to return home “within two to four months”.

“Work on the ground (…) analyzes are ongoing and it will take engineers a few more weeks to finalize them. But be sure we will not send people home unless it is completely safe,” Ms Legalt acknowledged that the wait was “tough.”

Photo by QMI Agency, Roger Cognon

Significant increase

So homeowners who have their homes demolished can receive a maximum of $ 375,000 in compensation for the reconstruction. This limit was previously $ 260,000. Furniture will also be refunded.

In terms of daily pay, it doubles, from $ 20 to $ 40 a day.

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The city of Sagune pointed out on Tuesday that the goal is to find temporary accommodation for all the people currently in the hotel by the weekend.

“I want to reassure the citizens. At least we’ll take care of the finances,” he said.

Grief relief

Before his press conference in front of the security border, Mr. Legalt spoke with Erica Prison and Charles-David Prison, owners of the house that fell off the shore on June 13.

Before speaking to members of the Red Cross, at the end of their conversation, Mr. Legalt told them, “Congratulations on your determination, we are with you, courage.”

Photo by QMI Agency, Roger Cognon

“Be nice,” said Ms.Me Zimmert, mother of five children aged 1 to 10 years. Currently the whole family is staying with parents.

Photo by QMI Agency, Roger Cognon

“This is much better than we have previously offered. We have only spent $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 on materials for the reconstruction,” Mr Bryson said, noting that the family wanted to stay in La Bay.